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Schlomo's Cocaine addiction.....

by clif high March 5, 2015

Sometimes it is difficult to accept what humans will the last century a cocaine (and other substances) addict wrote over 400 thousand words about what his many addictions had done to his mind.

Then, for its own purposes, the Tavistock Institute took these writings, asserted that they were theories, and created a religion around them that they then insisted is science, and called it "psychiatry".

The addict, a fellow named Schlomo, died of his addictions, but Tavistock was not even slowed in their use of this new 'science' as a tool for mind and social behavior control. They used the Tavistock Institute's associates network to promote this 'science' into the popular culture by way of the Judaic (and Masonic) Temples and Rabbi's. Within a shockingly brief period of time, the associates (read blackmail) network had heads of state and legislatures globally passing laws forcing the intrusion of this 'new science of mind control' onto the social order. The 'science' was particularly useful to the great empires of the time, the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, and the USA.

Humanity has suffered ever since.

Tavistock continues to promote their agenda(s) and the planet's Powers-That-Be continue to be blackmailed into supporting the convoluted cocaine fantasies that ARE Schlomo's Cocaine 'science' for purposes that they (TPTB) cannot even imagine....

Oh, you probably know Schlomo under his 'acceptable' name of Sigmund (real name is Sigismund) Freud. Tavistock recognized that humanity would NOT accept a 'new science' from a cocaine addict named Schlomo. Eh?


Tighten your sphincters people, it gets deep out there...

with respect...

there seems to be some confusion out and about as to what is 'psychiatry', and its close cousin, 'psychology'.

At its core all psychiatry is a collection of theories promulgated by humans who can not define the 'psyche', 'mind', or what it is to be 'human', and yet represent their theories to be an in-depth and comprehensive (albeit 'growing') understanding of the 'human psyche and mind'. They acknowledge that they, personally, are indeed conscious, yet at are a loss to explain consciousness.

Further these humans who cannot define 'human', nor 'consciousness', nor 'mind', are claiming to be able to at least use their 'human consciousness and mind' to explain itself. And worse, YOU!

Yes, even the cult founder of psychiatry, Schlomo Freud himself, acknowledged that mind could not be directly 'appreciated (examined)', and therefore he suggested the remedy of instead examining and collecting and codifying human behavior as a means of mind-mapping. So the remedy proposed for the mind examining itself was to instead collect notes about the behavior of humans responding to the demands of a changing environment, and to classify the behaviors into categories that are 'meaningful' in the minds of the psychiatrists. These behaviors are then used to characterize some minds as 'ill', and others as 'sane'.

Notwithstanding that no two humans will ever respond the same way to any environment as all humans perceive inputs from their senses entirely uniquely to themselves, letting 'psychiatrists' decide what is 'mental illness' is like letting quantum scientists hunt for 'sub atomic particles'. The more they look, the more they 'find', as universe and their imaginations will continue to provide what they seek just ahead of it being found.

Just as with mind, in quanta (sub atomic particles) there is an endless amount. And as the quanta chasers will never discover, nor shall the psychiatrists acknowledge, mind chasing mind will always discover... more mind. Something every zen novice learns through much pain.