SOL (nope, not the sun)...


Speaking of 'universe is a funny place'....i had occasion to catch the laser light show from the Shard of London, all the while wondering if the 'masters of light' were pleased with their creation.

Has anyone noted the 'cartoon nature' of the mega buildings going up in some very key (read cabal controlled) cities? Well, just scan around the net at the various forms of very large buildings put up over the last 7 years.....very very illuminating....or should i say, 'my, how tavistockian....these modern cities'.

Well, the newest addition to the global cityscape skyline is this 'Shard' of London. The shape of the Shard is a manifestation in the material plane of the lithium (or potassium) atom at the 3rd etheric plane. Yes, just before the lithium atom manifests here in matterium, it passes through the last of the etheric planes (pre ionic) and has JUST the shape of the Shard of London.

Lithium is a key mind control element, and is known to be intensely studied by scientists with no morals, overly stimulated frontal lobes, and other tavistockian traits.

And what do they do to inaugurate this giant manifestation of lithium? Well, they pump vast quantities of energy through lasers to 'spread the message' all across London......only question is....just what is the message?

Third level etheric lithium? Obviously mind control, but what else?

Whatever else is the message sent out on 7-5-2012, i am sure that the Shard of London will become known as 'sol', which, again, i am sure, the tavistockians would prefer an interpretation favoring Sol, the sun (giant scary ball in the sky on the other side of the chemtrails). My interpretation runs more to the paranoid, and i think them tavistockians are telling us that someone is SOL (shit out of luck).

Got your ticket to the London Olympic Games?


copyright by clif high, all rights reserved.

posted July 8, 2012