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snout ills...

by clif high, Monday, June 23, 2014 4:28pm

with respect..

Kale has snout ills. As does his young daughter. And as does Cathy, and as do i, and igor, and just about everyone i meet locally.

Of course, i know it to be from the chemies, but just for grins and chuckles, Igor and i tuned a spyder, put some new math algorithms into the processing and did an experiment.

We have a data set from April of last year, so just a bit over 12 months have past since it was gathered. We also have data from last month. i ran some new processing for comparison and the results are listed below in per centage of increase year-over-year for the following linguistic sets. These are complete sets that are represented by their labels.

Now note that this is not 'scientific' in the sense that our data sets are not tailored for this experiment, and include translations/transliterations for 18/eighteen languages, and our speakers are self selecting, so no, this is not 'academic' grade work. But....a big damn HMMMMMM! when we just did the year over year examination.

Label of the linguistic structure and percentage increase in data capture from April 2013 compared to May of 2014

    • respiratory problems - 12,460 %
    • cough - 14,332 %
    • sneezing - 8,468 %
    • sinus headache - 7,014 %
    • sinusitis - 15,788 %
    • colds/flu - 16,337 %
    • runny nose - 5,723 %
    • itchy eyes - 7,333 %
    • summer cold - 5,455 %
    • night sweats - 4,144 %
    • sleeplessness - 13,665 %
    • interrupted sleep (respiratory) - 12,351 %
    • sinus infection - 3,140 %
    • respiratory infection - 6,932 %

Just in our rather informal data mining, we see that all forms of references to breathing difficulties are significantly increased over last year.

Sooooo.....eyup, them chemies are definitely having an impact. And not in a good way.

In a general thinking about this, it comes down to your health. If you are seeing a 'doctor' for any of the issues generally categorized above, and you are NOT discussing chemtrails, airborne particulate aluminum and barium, and its participation in your breathing difficulties, then you and your physician are not basing your treatment on the reality around us all.

In my experience, fantasy based medicine does not yield results.


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