cold winter, soc eruption....

by clif high, Saturday ,October 19, 2013 3:28pm

with respect....

i like coding neural nets. These are made of a central chunk of autonomous behavior code (the individual 'neuron'), and more code that can create a bizzillion of the neurons and set them loose within a constrained virtual playground. Within their play-space the neurons set about acting out the behavior described for them within the code. Then, because there are bizzillions of them scooting about, they begin to crash into each other...

...and this is where the 'majik' happens. Within these collisions, if you code the critters correctly, new actions are born. New behavior NOT programmed in by you are possible (assuming you know how to write code that allows for such). And, again, due to there being bizzillions of these 'neurons' colliding with each other, totally unexpected manifestations are possible including behaviors totally not anticipated by you, the programmer.

This is what i find exciting, that these neural nets, in a very crude fashion, work much like your brain, in that, any minute, some totally new thought may arise in your brain, one you had not anticipated, just as the neurons within the neural net can collide in their behavior to produce new 'thought' within our virtual playspace.

Prolog is a great language for 'skimming' a 'pool' of neural-net activity for new behavior. The individual neural net components are usually, at least by me, coded in C as it produces small, correct, and complete compiled coded. Prolog is good as the manager software for the activity as it runs as a self-altering, compiled, interpreter interface with excellent system wide inter-action capacity. Further, as it is an interpreter, one can interact with the 'play space' for the neural net in real time to posit new conditions, and try experiments.

This is why i use prolog as the monitoring software within our lexical analysis system that produces the ALTA reports. And, in some key aspects, our 'lexical hunting spyder software' resembles the actions of the individual neuron...albeit a smarter than usual one also freed from its virtual play-space to roam about the larger human-internet.

Our recent interaction with the greater human-internet and its linguistic clues to the future have provided us with a view of a very cold cold, bitterly cold, winter coming to the northern hemisphere. This view arises from linguistics that have been showing in our forecasting for the last several ALTA reports and are now beginning to manifest in the larger media space of the internet as these very early 'winter episodes' hit around the globe.

Our recent data sets continue to point out that humanity is about to get hit by an [ice age experience]. The data sets are suggesting that this Winter (2013/2014) {which has already started in many places} terra will see bitter cold, and ice age conditions that will produce [unexpected places (and types/amounts) of glaciation]. The data sets forecast 1000 (eyup, that is correct... one THOUSAND ) year floods, as well as [mountains (of snow and ice)].

Now, to my way of thinking, admittedly bizarre and usually wrong, this whole [humanity has an ice age experience] is a good thing. Why? Well, cause the alternative is that we actually do flip into planetary heating and all of life perishes in sweaty oblivion as the oceans die off and take us with them.... [ice age experience] it is then, yes?

And within this [bitterly cold cold cold wet snowy flooding looooong winter] that is going to [kick (our collectively huge fat humanity ass)] into the [new times/next times/new era....your choice] there are some interesting [sparks] that are also being forecast by our processes. These [sparks] that have piqued my interest are all focusing on an [eruption], into our common human mindspace, of what we here at hph call [soc's (self organizing collectives)].

The data is forecasting that the [vertical reorganization behavior] that the internet allows for human connections has reached a critical threshold much like is experienced in watching the maturation of neural net software. As within neural nets, a sufficient 'mass' is required before the really neat (and potentially totally 'next level' ) new-stuff breaks out. Our data sets are forecasting that this [cold bitter long winter] will also be the [harsh and dark environment] that [forces/precipitates] the [eruption of the soc's] past this critical threshold.

These [soc's (self organizing collectives)] are forecast to [erupt] in [all directions (within humanity)] as a [series/group] of [dire problems/life-threatening-events/manifestations] will [push (humans)] to [throw off chains/constraints] in order [to survive (at a personal and collective level)].

The data forecasts the same form of apparent chaos for humanity that can be found in neural nets under stressors. From all views, within and without (of humanity) it will appear as though Chaos Rules the Day.

It will be so, and yet this is good (for us humans). Real Khaos does not tolerate 'authority' as all are self claimed post Protogenoi (if i may so blend language), and as such are 'usurpers' to the prime. So, basically it means that Khaos is so old, comes from so close to the beginning, that her attitude is "authority?!, we don't need no stinkin' authority!"

My kind of woman.

Without going into the details (why take away any of universe's surprise?), suffice it to say that the [soc effect] will erupt out of [dire need], and thus will be [unstoppable], as well as [transformative (personal, and society wide)]. Certain [cross connections] will be [discovered] by [soc participants] that will lead to a [critical mass (virtual meeting)], and a [new form of planetary human expression/experience] will emerge.

AS THIS IS OCCURRING, the aware observer will recognize this as the time and place that 'it' all began...and the [next level sheeit] will be here, right along with [new terra/earth].

And, while it will be trying, testing, challenging, threatening, and destroying, it may well be, at least for present day humanity, our finest moments of the last 25,824 years.

Here at hph headquarters, we have been steadily preparing the old log cabin and environs for this soon-to-settle-in cold cold bitter long whatever ways we have been able to think. Extra supplies, tools, materials, and, yes, even thought (keeps a cranium warm) , have been expended on this effort. Our linguistic work suggests, very damn strongly, that just like our interest in Bitcoin, all this work will 'pay off'.

So, cold winter coming.....know where your SOC's are?