how to steal money from big oil (and their cousins, big banks)....

with respect....it's easy.


Plant a garden.

Grow any part of your own diet, and you are depriving big oil (and their cousins, big banks) of the revenue usually made in transporting that food to you. Further producing those same foods in your yard, also reduces the total amount of oil in the food chain (farmers, fertilizers, trucking, et al).

Not only do you achieve a better diet, right outside your door, but through that diet, you even get to whittle away on big 'health care', by having the health, and not needing their 'care'.

And, now that i think of it, you are also stealing profits from the big corporate chain stores, as well as depriving pedophilic politicians and their ilk of tax revenue with your own foods, rather than purchasing it.

Hmmm....so, this looks to be a win, win, win, win, win, win, win situation, AND i get better health, and a better diet! Seems like the only ones not being diminished by my fierce veges are the mind controlling religions, and the presstitutes. So now, how can i use my garden to piss them off too?


Will gnaw on that while planning out my garden. How about you? Planting time is soon upon us....want to do some thieving?


Don't have room for a garden? Too mobile? Look into sprouting bags, and the radical revolutionary sprouting movment (take 'em with you, spread 'em around).


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