entering the stream...

This fellow way back in the human story, by the name of Shaktimuni, aka 'the buddha', called it, 'entering the stream'. He did not mean, as so many religious academics and translators would tell you, to 'follow the noble path of enlightenment'. That is how they translate it, but they are not active on the path, standing distant from it while they critique it. So they do not know.

entering the stream is not some vague religious idea. Shaktimuni was not out to create a religion. He was seeking his own personal enlightenment, and he did so in the tradition of the experiencer as observer noting the experience for those who also follow this path in life. Shaktimuni, very much like any modern 'hobbyist', even though off doing his own experience, was part of a larger group pursuing the same goal. Thus, as with any 'hobbyist', Shaktimuni would go back to the 'clubhouse' and tell all his buddies about his new discovery in their common hobby.

entering the stream is about 'upshifting' your ability to perceive the vibrational substrate of manifesting matterium. Within the human mind, when such an upshift occurs, there are a series of predictable effects, and responses. These are detailed exhaustively in tons of buddhist texts most of which are too tedious to read and have it all wrong anyway as the writers of those texts are passing commentary, and not actually entering the stream themselves.

shaktimuni, and the others of his time who are also into 'continuous creation bathing', would enter the stream as a function of the abilities that are allowed to the mind when its owner meditates.

There, within the stream, the hobbyists, would sit, and observe universe creating itself.

There, within the stream, the aware observer, no longer trapped in the mundane kleshas, is able to note the presence of 'others' also within the stream. Some are also human. These stand out like anchor lights against a long dark shore line.

Some are not human. Encounters with them can be ....problematic, and interesting.

shaktimuni had a buddy in the enlightenment hobby. His name has come down to us as 'mahavira', but we note that this actually means 'great/good word', so his name is really his own business. Shaktimuni wanted to reach enlightenment outside of the religious context, so he succeeded, and they built a religion around his experience. Mahavira decided to reach his goal within an existing non-religious context, and thus he succeeded within jainism. Both reached enlightenment.

The religion of buddhism obscures shaktimuni's reports of his experience. Not so with mahavira. His reports are detailed, and not subjected to reinterpretation. The various adherents of the buddha's message, encountering his words over time, usually in the context of the religion that was added on, each felt that they must contribute their component to the evolution of the religion and so they commented on, and reinterpreted Shaktimuni's words. Mahavira bypassed all that by doing his hobby work within the framework of the jainist SOC (self organizing collective).

One of shaktimuni's real contributions to our collective hobby was to detail the various 'things' that one encounters along the way. His description of encountering the kalapa 'particles' as they manifest is masterful. His taxonomy of the 'flow' of the stream is also an excellent guide to the 'tides and currents' within continuous creation of reality.

But where Mahavira kicks Shaktimuni's ass is in the observation of the human response. Where Shaktimuni was masterful in observing the apparent 'external' components of entering the stream, Mahavira was focused on observing the human response to the experience of entering the stream.

Each are necessary to encounter. Once the entering has become 'simple', then the wisdom of Mahavira's observations become most valuable.

The particular point that was most meaningful to me, as i became more adept at swimming in the stream, was to follow Mahavira's advice to separate observation, perception, and impression, and thus to be able to separate self from the experience while having it. Therein is true freedom.

It is so. Only through self isolation while immersed does one realize that the generative spin is naturally clockwise (for lack of a better term in this plane of reference). Then Mahavira's (and master Lu, of the complete reality school of taoism) advice to 'exercise will' becomes meaningful.

The clockwise spin of the stream is generative. Those with will can alter their personal experience of the spin, and the stream.

The kalapa's are Neal Adams 'prime matter particles'.

The recent surge in the rate of stream activity relates to the sun. Causality is not known. The recent surge in stream activity is connected to the growing planets. The stream causes the planets to grow.

Newly arrived 'others' have entered the stream.

Old enemies, the butt head 'elites', are affecting the stream with their machineries (probably cern, but more than one location is causing interference). Purpose unknown, but intent likely not benign.

To those who would ask, entering the stream is about doing your work on your relationship to the kleshas, to the ties that bind your mind to the material plane of existence. It is an activity that you do, not discuss. Learn to meditate is the start, or eradicate the ego through massive doses of psychedelics. The former is a lot easier, with a far lower risk of death.

Those who are bound by desire see only the object. Freed of the klesha, all that remains is the mystery.


posted February 15, 2012 by clif high