How to avoid SEBD...an as yet untried, but hypothetically good strategy, not requiring special clothing or devices, for coping with an attack by a taser...

With respect...

There are two basic types of 'stun guns', of which the 'flying taser' is by now, in 2012, the most prevalent in the hands of the minion class. This is due to its cost effectiveness, as well as the psychological, and actual physical distance that it allows between taser user, and victim.

As a martial artist, when i need to clear the brain cells for other work later, i will frequently gnaw on various forms of attacks, seeking for appropriate strategies of defence.

In the case of the 'flying taser' from which two projectiles are hurled by compressed gas in order to create contact with two separate, conductive lines to deliver the specially phased electrical charge that constitutes its actual 'weapon', its vulnerability lies in its requirement for duality.

This is to say, that the taser must have both probes strike the victim to deliver the charge. Further, any disruption to the conductive wires instantly also disables the 'weapon' component, the electricity.

So, while mylar/conductive nylon lined jackets would be a really good defence, IF the probes did not penetrate to the skin, it turns out that a really good strategy is available to almost any potential victim of these 'non-lethal' weapons....and it is sooo pleasing that the strategy is the embodiment of a fundamental component of universe since i like deep connection to archetype thought....so, without delay, here it is....

...simply spin. Yes, that is correct, spin in place if you have to, but if not, let your arms rise up as you whirl your body tangentially away from the perp firing the taser at you.

First, by spinning as soon as you see the small muscles under their eyes tighten, indicating that they have decided to fire their weapon, you will stand a good chance of catching them by surprise, and spoiling their aim such that the poor minion behind you is introduced to 'sudden electrical bladder discharge (SEBD - an all too common urinary tract condition in our times)'. Second, you also stand a good chance of dislodging one or both of the probes as they will be hitting a moving target obliquely. And lastly, just by having the momentum of the body moving (especially with arms elevated to shoulder height), you will bring the conducting lines together EVEN if the taser is initially successful in its strike against you, thus limiting the delivery of charge, and quickly restoring your mobility.

So...if faced with it, why not spin your way out of it? Besides, can't hurt to try....

Next up, aikijujitsu projections and throws for use against 9/nine foot tall reptiloids in both terrestrial, and low gravity environments.


Update: November 27, 2012. Crazy human who works in law enforcement training reports actually trying this with five of his students. Apparently at his school (waaay down upon the Swanee...) the students are required to take a low-dose taze as component of the training. Out of five students instructed to perform a spin, it worked with four of them...no resulting electrical discharge reached the student. The fifth was 'slow' in turning, and was initially jolted, but it lasted only a micro-second as the student's body was still rotating as she went limp, and that crossed the wiring, shorting out the electricity. She simply stood up, very unusual as most students will require a number of seconds before 'rubber legs' sensation retreats.



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