Stacking and stiling...

Due to being a famous bald bastard (so they tell me), and due to my wujo's on the 'continuous creation-destruction model for reality', and due to my knowledge (however inferior) of their culture and traditions, i have been gifted with an interesting conversation with some fellows from the Hind (what we call India) who are deep in the 'time business'.

It turns out that the 'continuous creation-destruction' model is very useful for temporal engineering concepts, and as a result, i have become something of the 'flavor of the month' deep in the Indian temporal laboratories. As result, i was contacted by some fellows in the 'biz' who were curious if i might have further insights that would assist their work. What i have been calling the 'matterium', the temporal industry calls the 'continuum'.

In the course of these conversations, my new friends have had to provide a temporal engineering lexicon that we may further effective communications. The 'time engineering' industry uses the english language primarily as the nature of the work is so international, and english, due to its merging of latin and Sanskrit roots (yes, some 53% of english nouns can be traced back to phonetic Sanskrit), it is, perhaps, uniquely suited for the discussion of temporal engineering.

The lexicon is very interesting at this stage, i note as a twisted linguist, as it is primarily focused on the problems in the tasks involved. This is just an observation that lets me know the level of immaturity involved. As areas of human activity evolve, the words used in, and to describe that area will mature toward the descriptors used for nuance, rather than base terms. Make sense? As an example, the first words used in the early days of steam power were all about not blowing yourself up....but as the 'steam industry' matured, their lexicon started to include words about such nuances as 'efficiency' and 'precision of control' with far fewer uses of words about flying body parts and mangled steel. Again...clear as mud in the drying Mississippi River?

So, judging from the nature of the words in our discussion (my s.c.e.d. training coming up - subjectia contextia elucidate domaine - for those who care...an obscure roman debating technique), i can guess the approximate state of mature of the temporal engineering industry. It is early days yet. But we are now at the stage where the engineers involved are starting to define 'nuance words', and are less worried about blowing themselves up. And this, in my opinion, is a good thing.


extra-temporal object (ETO) = object out of its time of origin; also includes articles that are created and deliberately used as ETO's for political purposes. For the moment, ETO also includes a sub set of ETB (extra-temporal beings), or beings/life that is discovered in a temporal frame not of its origin.

'd' space - the temporal distance (delta) between the O Frame of an object/being and the C Frame being referenced. See 'framing' below.

epn (EPN) - "Ever Present Now", the 'metronome' that sets 'time' for all of matterium/continuum.

frame/framing - used to describe the concept of the 'place (temporal) of interest'. A temporal frame is a complex descriptor in that it includes not only the details of the target object/being, but also the reality 'expression' that surrounds the target object/being. All objects have an 'O Frame' for 'frame describing the point and place of temporal origination'. All objects/beings have a 'C Frame', for 'current frame', or 'current temporal field'.

fracking - taken from the oil and gas exploitation industry, this term is a nuanced version of 'stacking' (see below). The nuance in this case is that the 'fracked' element is inserted into the target temporal field explicitly to cause a 'rupture'. Thought to be a key 'temporal weapon' potential, the 'fracking' of a 'stack', linguistically, has the highest level of fear component within the temporal industry.

stacking - a condition in which the 'frame' of the target temporal field is duplicated by an insertion of an 'extra - temporal object' (ETO). The idea of 'stacking' can be easily understood (hahaha...yeah right) as the idea of a 'copy' of a 'place and time' being made 'just because' we inserted an object into it. This idea, in a broad way, is similar to the concept of making a copy of a document, just to contain a 'one letter difference'. Within computer software, this is how "Undo" works. In the temporal engineering business, there is no "undo". It is thought that 'stacking' occurs due to the 'complexity differential threshold' being breached (at some level that we do not yet comprehend). Stacking is a key area of concern in the temporal engineering business as the repercussions of it are not predictable (and could be quite dire). As an aside, there is also some discussion whether stacking can affect individual human/life ki/chi/prana (life force) as the idea is that another copy of you is also created with each stacking incident.

stiling - similar to stacking, but 'pegged' to a central, temporal 'theme', stiling is where frames are created around a 'central peg' that is common to all the individual incidents of stacking. In a loose sense, stiling can be though of as a 'set' of 'stacks' that revolve around a single ETO repeatedly used to create the individual 'stacks'. The theory (as yet only proven in limited laboratory fashion) is that the 'removal' of the 'central temporal peg' causes all the 'stiles' to collapse back into a single frame.

streak/smear - the 'remnant' of a stacking having occurred. These 'streaks' and 'smears' (similar but different as stacking and stiling are different respectively) are 'visible' under certain (recently discovered) laboratory conditions, forming the basis for a new off-shoot of temporal engineering, "temporal forensics".

target temporal field - the 'time period' that is selected for experimentation. It is still NOT YET PROVEN that any target temporal field is 'contemporaneously joined' to our current temporal field (aka 'our now'). Thus, even the time engineers cannot say definitively that their insertions are within our current 'temporal frame', and may, just may, be in 'alternate universes'. However, as there are results that appear within our temporal frame from experimentation with target temporal fields, it is possible to do meaningful temporal engineering without absolute knowledge of WTF is going on......much like electrical engineers (for the most part) have not a clue as to what is electricity, but they can still make a toaster out of it.

temporal vitality conduit - the idea that for ETB's (and ETO's in my opinion), there is an energy 'conduit' that maintains their connection to the EPN. Apparently the effects of stretching your temporal vitality conduit are not very nice indeed.

'z' space - the 'limit' that an ETO can be 'pushed' (temporally) before suffering from degradation of their temporal vitality level.

As a twisted linguist, i can tell now that the time industry will radically transform language. The above lexicon of some of the basic concepts is but a small fraction of what the temporal engineers are currently defining daily. In our future, we are likely to say "well, he may be a 'rocket scientist/brain sturgeon', but he's no time engineer!".

The 'time engineering industry' is fraught with peril, and probably opportunity. One of the 'problems' involved in the whole area is that, unlike nuclear power, humans MUST pursue time engineering, if only for purely defensive reasons.

Take, as an example, the 'recent' discovery of the 'lead bibles' in Jordan. If time were 'solid', and not mutable, then we would not even consider the idea that 'someone' may have planted ETO's such as the 'lead bible' (dead sea scrolls, anyone?) in our 'past' in order to further their current political agenda in the now. Nor would we ever think to consider that such ETO's may have been repeatedly inserted into our past in order to form the 'historical basis' for current, or upcoming events.

Given some of the recent thinking and discoveries within the temporal engineering industry, it is understandable that certain 'opinions' are forming (mostly outside of USA/CIA mind control culture). Some of the conspiracy focused minds may rebel at what will be coming out of the temporal research now on-going globally.

However, since time is now as solid as a bowl of water, and subject to as many state changes with the temporal weather (and beings screwing around with it), we must now, in my opinion, start reappraising what we think we know. Just to provide a very few examples, and because i need to get some work done around here, we can say that it is increasingly becoming the opinion of many in the temporal engineering world that:

1) the thinking is that the 'Annunaki tablets' within the collection of Sumerian writings, are ETO's that were deliberately designed to foster the idea that the Annunaki were humanity's creators. MUCH debate about the 'why' of it all, and other complexities on-going, but the sense of it is that the 'reason' for the "Annunaki Fraud" will very soon be visible.

2) we think Sitchen a fraud, and worse, an agent of the 'dark cabal', and knowingly badly translated the 'sumerian' to deliberately support the 'Annunaki Fraud'.

3) that certain ETO's are already being 'discovered' by searching past records. These ETO's include 'experimentation devices', that we can 'now recognize' as 'our work from our future showing up in our past'.

4) that there appears to be evidence of an on-going effort to 'terra-form' our past in order to alter present day culture, developments, and potential. As an aside, the word 'potential' in the time engineering world has huge levels of meaning not usually associated with it outside this realm. The continuing appearance of evidence of temporal insertions seems to point toward what we can conceptually think of as a 'war across time'....or perhaps, more nuanced, 'temporal political campaigns'. The 'politics' involved are larger than mere earth bound human concerns.

5) yo, 'temporally' shit's on fire....


As i gain more information from these very interesting fellows, and their 'electricity games', i will pass it along.....not that it makes understanding our universe any easier at all, but at least it seems to make me feel better about just how bizarre it has become.

Hmmm....now what kind of pie goes with frame stacking? Peach?




August 16, 2012 (are we really sure about this?)

Copyright...all rights reserved, no copying without attribution in this, or any other temporal frame within this, or any other universe, frame, or stack.