the thin man within..

by clif high, Wed, Aug 14, 2013 7:44am

The predators that be (TPTB - also known as psychopathic 'elites') have really screwed up this planet...or have they? This is for another conversation, but consider that TPTB may not be screwing up so much as we regular humans are truly ignorant of TPTB real goals.

The single facet of this generally dysfunctional planet that i am addressing here is specifically personal weight management. This is for men only as i am sure that the female body experience is quite a bit different in the area of body management.

Please note that i am something of a physical culturalist, and have done yoga and martial arts since i was 11/eleven years of age. Currently post 60/sixty, i weigh one pound more than my peak high school wrestling weight. i am fit by a number of measures.

It is my experience that men do not, and cannot exercise their way to effective weight loss. It is a myth that any amount of exercise will get you to where you want to go, insofar as weight management is concerned.

Without going into all the biological reasons why this is so, let me just state that exercise is for making the body fit and strong, but weight loss is managed in the mind.

The mind controls your actions, and it is your will power and control over what you eat that actually controls the general shape your body expresses.

So, a couple of one has 'will power' until they exercise it, then they own it for life. Will power is NOT ego. In fact, the act of exercising your 'will' tends to degrade the hold that ego has as master over your life.

Here is a practical demonstration of the difference. It is ego that wants what the taste buds produce, and also it is ego that feels it MUST give into temptation. It is WILL that tells the taste buds they are slaves, not masters; and ego, that it is to be a silent servant, both mostly to be ignored. It is WILL that the successful man uses to dominate the influences of this planet, at all levels. As the taoists note, the man who rules the smallest part of himself (ego, so small it cannot be found when hunted down), rules the world and challenges heaven.

To practical knowledge of where to direct your will power, investigate the ayurvedic understanding of your body type. The ayurvedic system also provides a categorization of foods specifically for each type. If one examines the food types that are best for their body type, certain patterns begin to emerge. These are the same patterns that are discussed in the TCM (traditional chinese medicine) as the nutritional body. NOTE that ayurveda and TCM are evidence based medicine systems, so do your own research, and try the recommedations of these systems for your body type. The evidence will present itself to you, and likely you will be satisfied with the results enough to continue and expand your use of these body technologies.

Both of these ancient systems of evidence based medicine, that have persisted for thousands of years, take the same approach - suit what you eat to your body type first, and foremost, and all things in personal weight management manifest from there.

Look to any physical culturalist of note, from Bruce Lee to ???, and you will find that they are all rigid about what they will ingest for food.

And, without regard to their body types - vatta, pitta, kapha - physical culturalists usually end up close to effective vegetarian diets.

So, since our planet is really screwed up, and most of the old traditions of real education are gone, it is left to old farts like myself to pass on certain hints of knowledge. This 'hinting' is part of the initiation process you will note. If you are too far gone to get the message, well, then you are too far gone. It is not up to me to drag you into health. As an old fart, i recognize my role of simply saying, "the path i used to get here can be found by doing thus-and-so".

And i can tell you now that no amount of spinning, cross-fit, running, or gym-nasties will EVER cause you to loose weight effectively.

But, the 'rules' for a fit male body are really easy, and are as follows:

You CAN exercise yourself to slim/thin fitness, but not by through muscles, rather by exercising your mind. Cultivate will power and knowledge of your self/body first. Then look at each mouthful for what it really is, yet another opportunity to exercise your will power, and manifest the thin man within.

And note, the battle for personal will power is only over when you decide it is over. Thus you control universe. Cool, eh?

Remember, life, for males, at least some of us, is all about battle, and struggle. And the ONLY struggle worth winning is over oneself. All other enemies are but poor shadow distractions away from our real battle as males.

To all who struggle, winning is assured. True victory is victory over self. Masa Katsu!

Now go find the thin man living in you. And lastly note that all things are difficult in their beginnings.