a retraction of my statement on the numeral of the amount of the funding for the 'Thrive' movie and web site....

with respect....


i had previously stated an inaccurate number/numeral in relation to the amount of dollars spent to create the 'Thrive' movie and web site. i had stated that it was '11 millions'. This is inaccurate. i was wrong to so state.

i have been informed by Foster Gamble, the power behind the 'Thrive' movie and web site, that he spent four and a half millions of dollars to create the 'Thrive' movie and web site.

i was incorrect in stating the eleven/11 million dollar figure.

Personally, i think even four and a half million was too much. The movie and web site are filled with symbols that are inimicable to the mission statement of the 'Thrive' movie and web site. These symbols are not seen by my lying eyes alone, and anyone who wishes to perform even a cursory search can find quite a few sites with excellent dissertations and dissections of the various symbols to be found embedded in the 'Thrive' movie and web site.

i can easily see thirteen/13 in the poster alone...how many can you count? (do not include secondary associations to primary themes such as the 'apocalypse' which is also the 'lifting of the veil'). You should include the more literate symbols such as the 'dominion of intent' which derives from the symbol set promulgated by what was known as the 'maltese faction', named after the island of Malta, and its knights, and not as an allusion to the 'Maltese Falcon' of Bogart fame. There are several more thematically associated 'maltese' symbols seen in the movie.

i also find the repetition of these same symbol sets in the 'Thrive' web site. There are also elements within the web site that are symbolically the same as are found in various cults, both modern and ancient. These elements include the fixation on the 'twelve centered on one' meme, with its implication of a 'center' of 'authority' found in so many religions. There are several excellent sites that go into the debunking of the plethora of symbols presented by the 'Thrive' web site, so i need not duplicate the effort.

Foster Gamble is accusing my eyes of seeing symbols that are not there. i respond by saying that if he can't see them, the fault may lie in his perception, not mine. There are several thousands of eyes that see what i see in his work. We can all be wrong, but to deny that these symbols exist to be seen, or to rely on ad hominem attacks that personalize the issue to the state of my vision is merely illustrating how limited is his understanding of our unfolding reality. Further the attitude comes across as arrogance born of elitism.

Further, i find three/3 things quite curious. First, no emails, nor contact ever came my way about any of my criticisms of 'Thrive' over lo, these many months, until i happened to mention money. And note, money was never my issue with the effort at 'group think' as i so characterize the 'Thrive' movie and website. But apparently it is somehow critical that numerals be correct when money is involved, in spite of the corruption that is the underlying product.

And second, given Foster Gamble's, last name's association with the 'Proctor and Gamble' corporate legacy of criticism for inappropriate use of symbols that goes back...what, over a century?, i find it very curious that he was not sensitive to the subject of symbology from the beginning, and seemingly cares more for numerals than symbols. But, obviously, anyone who can put four and a half million into such an effort lives in a social strata with an ethos and mentality beyond my ability to comprehend.

Finally third, if, as a 'CEO' of the 'Thrive' effort, i was presented with the understanding that a perception, among the audience, was impeding the promulgation of my message, i think that i would examine why it was out there, rather than attempt to deny the existence of the elements that created the perception.

So, that is what passes for my retraction of my statements on the matter of the funding for the symbolically polluted, in my opinion, movie and web site of 'Thrive'.