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Think for a minute..about the world's First Time Travel Project...

by clif high, November 2, 2015, 7:38am


with respect....

Think for a minute about the Manhattan Project that created the atomic bomb and ushered humans into the nuclear age. This was during world war 2 (the second such war to burden humanity by central banks), and it was not, as history tell us, a secret.

There were thousands of people directly involved with the Manhattan Project. There were tens of thousands involved with sub contractors and necessary infrastructure. There were hundreds of thousands of family members who were aware of the project, even if the goal was not known to them.

Think for a minute of what was required of this effort. Not only was the atomic bomb invented, and 'perfected', but also a whole national infrastructure of nuclear facilities was created as support for the project. Everything from specialized copper wire to hardened metal containers were required and someone had to make them. Further there were new forms of materials and machines that were a necessary part of the building of the supporting environment for the atomic bomb effort, and most of those involved within these new industries were not aware of what part their products played in the creation of the Atomic Age of man.

So tens if not hundreds of thousands of workers were required PRIOR to the first tests of the atomic weapons that were the goal of the Manhattan Project. Many of these workers probably never knew of their contribution to that first explosion in the desert.

Now, think for a minute about time travel. It is the same way as the atomic age. The energy requirements to 'split time' open are far greater than what is required to 'split an atom'. Thus, it will likely be the same way with time travel, as an 'industry', as it was with the nuclear infrastructure.

It will not be a single wild haired genius in a garage that invents the first time travel device in a car. The energy requirements are just too great. As with the Manhattan project, the first entry into corporeal time travel will require a huge infrastructure to be developed. There will be new specialty sub contractors building exotic new machines that will be required just for the building and calibration of the bigger, time travel machine. There will be hundreds of thousands of workers directly involved with the Time Travel Project, and perhaps millions of workers in sub contractor positions. There will be tens of millions of family members in 'supporting' roles for those workers.

Much like the Manhattan Project, it will be an 'open secret'. Millions will know of it, but not have a clue as to its real goal due to the compartmentalization and the serious crew of professional lying 'thought directors' who will do everything they can to obscure and disguise the real point of the Time Travel Project. Mostly, given how humans are, it would seem probable that these lying professionals will likely be very successful in hiding earth's first Time Travel Project.

Now think for a moment about what this Time Travel Project will look will be big, gigantic, bigger than the biggest thing or think that humans have yet accomplished. It will be strange, new, and not make much sense to those of us on the 'outside' of the 'secret'. Oh, we will certainly see it. The worlds first time travel project would be way too big to hide, so like an elephant being taken into a fancy dress cocktail party, it will have to wear a make it look entirely different, and non disruptive. There will undoubtedly be millions of words written about the worlds First Time Travel Project, all of which will fail to mention its real goal. The lying professions will come up with a captivating story that they will sell to the planet as the real reason for the huge effort and expenditure on the globe's largest ever machine.

Probably they will tell us it is to be used on something calm, and esoteric, like smashing together sub atomic particles....'just to see what happens'.

Now think for a minute about the world's First Ever Time Travel project...wouldn't it look a lot like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN?


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