MMMBS (my millions of miracle bricks system)...secrets revealed...

with respect..

Of course, in this day, all netizens are aware of the MMS, or 'miracle money system'. This 'system' is an approach to harmonizing with universe to 'tap into abundance'. All fine and good, as far as it goes metaphysically, the MMS system, and its many variants, will be discovered to be some form of ritual behavior intended to invoke largess from universe. It is always marvelously successful, when practiced correctly, according to the tons of anecdotal evidence.

Of course, when it fails for you, the rejoinder naturally is, "well, you didn't do it right"....they actually mean 'correctly', or 'accurately', rather than 'right', but such is the miserable condition of our schooling system that it produces only sheeple, illiterate ones at that. Baaaaa, they may, it does not reduce their accuracy. You simply failed to do the ritual correctly.

However, after much diligence, a great amount of research into arcane aspects of alchemy (say that three times fast to Jay Weidner and watch it alchemically transform his face), i have discovered the real secret to the MMS system. And it is failure proof. If (*like all these MMS systems) you follow the simple rules below, it will work.

First off, my system does not produce money. But you can get it to produce vast quantities of really hard bricks for virtually no effort at all, so this is indeed a form of 'miracle', and as my pappy from Missouri always said, 'a sufficiently large quantity of almost any commodity, cheaply obtained, is as good as money'....or words to that effect.

Also, as a side effect, it turns out that the rituals used in the MMBS system are guaranteed to ward off tyranny, at least here in these united States. So it is a real win, win situation, as 'they' are wont to say.

So, here are the two rituals to produce millions of miracle bricks.

The first ritual involves learning, and repeating, at the neighborhood level, the Manual of Arms, and Close Order Drilling. Use dummy rifles, it will not make any difference to the effect of the ritual. It will require at least 'squad' strength of people getting together to do Close Order Drilling after work, and occasionally on weekends, and it will be necessary to have at least one out of every one hundred neighborhoods participating to put our Millions of Miracle Bricks System into medium level production. If you want to see it go into maximum output, increase the number of participating neighborhoods 4/four fold.

The other required ritual is the 'neighborhood True American History (TAH) education center'. These need only be in one out of every 1000 (one thousand) neighborhoods to be effective. The 'neighborhood education center' can be run by grandmothers (as they have lots of time, and can be useful instructors of the youngest generations), who will have the enviable task of waking up young minds to True American History (after they have been instructed). These after-school programs will be quite popular with the students, and their parents. They will provide enticing learning environments for children as young as 5/five years old, as actual history will be available for digesting, and for the generations weaned on pulp fiction from academia, an education in conspiracies exposed and as yet unknown (definition of True History) will be hearty sustenance for malnourished minds.

In fact, the two rituals can be hosted at the same site, which will eliminate any fears for the safety of the children as there will be squads of adults outside training themselves in awareness and aggressive response to danger. Again, a win, win situation.

Oh, and let us not forget our bricks. Y'all set these rituals into motion, and then just a few days later, less than a week, amble on down to your local federal office buildings, the bricks will be piling up by the millions as the minion class extrudes the small sharp ones.....and that is a real demonstration of 'magical abundance'.


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Remember ZuangZi says, "the first act of the enlightened being is to call things by their correct names. It helps to learn to see reality. If anti-depressants worked, then why are you depressed? If diet drinks work, then why are you fat? If fast food is food, then why have you no energy, and are constantly hungry? If schools are there to educate, why are you so ignorant? If the medicine industry is there to sell health, why does it cost you so much to be always so sick? If the legal system is there to provide justice, then why is it only the poor who go to jail? If your government is there to protect you, then why are you always so afraid?"