shit on the 'royals'....

by clif high, Saturday ,October 5, 2013 8:29am

with respect....

A few years back, a global experiment was conducted by a small group of unaffiliated 'rishi' (those who have gained some acumen on the path of knowledge). This experiment was named the 'two wires test'. The experiment was designed by a small group that included myself. It is important to note that NONE of the participants within this experiment come from a guru led path; we are all 'self-taught' rishi, having come to levels of understanding without transmission via guru, though this must be understood being a direct product of universe, rather than through a real 'self' direction. This point matters.

The 'two wires test' was a duality expression experiment in that there was a 'defined object/subject' test, but additionally, there were multiple level 'ripples' or side effects that were also under observation.

The object/subject of the 'two wires test' was Richard (he is a real dick) Cheney. The goal sought with the experiment was 'change that could be seen in the MSM (presstitutes/mainstream lying teevee)'. The method to induce that change was a 'concentration of mental energies upon two wires within the pacemaker of Richard (global Dickhead) Cheney' by a select few of the unaffiliated rishi.

Others of the rishi also concentrated their mental energies upon the test, though they were tasked with seeking for 'ripples' from the 'two wires test' throughout the Matterium. They were tasting the 'ethers' for karmic repercussions of the experiment while it was on-going. It is meaningful to note that the observation for karmic matterium ripples began some number of years prior to the experiment even being designed, as well as continuing for these many years since its 'manifestation'. It also needs to be known that the goal of the experiment was/is an increase in understanding of the nature of matterium and (if any) the karmic system within it. In order for the experiment to be valid, that is 'real', certain actual karmic risks had to be taken by all the participants.

Those who have memory will recall that the 'two wires' part of the test was 'successful' in that the MSM did report specifically on the 'two wires' within the context of an 'unexpected' Cheney heart surgery.

Other aspects of the experiment in the observation of karmic ripples were spectacularly successful, and have produced an number of levels of new thinking about the functioning of the karmic system within matterium.

The 'two wires test' grew from the understanding that the self proclaimed 'royals' have been using a deep understanding of matterium technology against the populace for millennia. The 'pathways' of these tools used by the psychopathic control class have been 'viewed' these past few decades by many of the unaffiliated rishi which led to the postulate that perhaps these same pathways could be used as tools of liberation for humanity.

The psychopathic control freaks (all the 'royals', the pope, the current corp-ceo-aristrocracy) have created emotional-energetic paths or connections to the populace through which they suck life-force, and in turn, exert control. Some of the physical manifestations of their 'pathways' include paper debt currency, and their 'acts' which they expect to be taken as 'law'. Many many more exist, including HD teevee, and all the electronic devices currently so popular. The goal of all of these efforts by the psychopathic criminal control class is to create conduits of energy that 'flow to them'.

It was decided by universe that the unaffiliated rishi should get the idea to use these same pathways for energy as one of the tactics for the liberation of humanity in these days of the transition to NT (new times, next terra, next transition, your choice). The 'two wires test' was an exploration of this idea from universe.

The test has proved the practicality and effectiveness of the tactic.

So, as a more public demonstration of what is possible, the unaffiliated rishi have stumbled across the idea of a 'global shit on the royals' effort.

The idea comes down to a simplicity for all who choose to participate: when emptying your bowels, use your mental energies (imagination) to project the surface of the water in the toilet (if there) as a 'stargate' that will provide transportation for your 'excrement of disrespect' to just over the head of your 'target'.

So, should you choose to participate in this tactic for liberation, merely choose a target, say the old bitch claiming ownership of greater britain and 1/6th of the humans on the planet, or her twisted fuck husband....or your favorite a thing for silver manipulation/corruption, then choose Blythe Masters as your 'toilet target face'. Don't like Jamie Diamon thinking he can skate away from his crimes? Then put his face in your imagination during elimination.

It sounds too strange, but we have now several of these tests to confirm the effectiveness of both 'action at a distance' through the medium of the matterium, as well as 'mass consciousness efforts' in prodding reality into certain manifestations.

Don't think this is possible? Well, turns out even your doubt as a participant heightens mental energies, thus the rishi especially encourage the skeptic to try the effort.

Give it two months trial, this test of disrespect. Start now; there are many of us already involved. We expect results to manifest significantly by January 1, 2014.

As bizarre as it sounds, the 'shit on the royals' campaign will produce more demonstrable results for the liberation of humanity than all the efforts thus far expended. Yes, screwy, squirrely, absolutely insane from a 'normalcy bias view', but, hey, what have you got to lose in trying it?

So, does your body react to MSM 'news', well, you are feeling the direct attack of the royals upon your psyche and person through their tactical weapon of mass media. And that is real enough to make your body react with cringes, stomach gurgles or worse....

all the rishi are noting is that pathways are good for two way traffic, so send some disrespect their way, they certainly do it to you.

Shit on the royals through to the new year. You will see the effect manifest.

Besides, the effort does a body good.