why i should be the vegetarian who gets to hit arnold schwarzenegger....and how i would go about it.

by clif high, Saturday ,October 19, 2013 6:20pm

with respect...

i should be the vegetarian who gets to hit arnold schwarzeneggar.

If so i would not be hitting him from some ego based motivation, but rather that we can't have such meatheads** out and about saying such as 'vegetarians are weak', which is what arnold's video is implying. The reason is that he has 'standing' with the public, who are impressionable and may be led down the bloody path to body degradation that is flesh eating.

So i would be hitting arnold with the express intent to prove exactly that point, that vegetarians are not weaker.

Now, as a vegetarian, i recognize that arnold's mind, as well as his body and ki are impaired by his diet, and that he fails to connect such beasts as bulls, draft horses, rhino's, gorilla's and such as being vegetarians he would not want to be hit by....which is why his addled mind allowed the thought to slip by his fatcoated tongue and past the grease layer on his lips.

Also i think i should be the one to get to hit arnold schwarzenegger as i am an old man, nearly his age and i am compassionate about being old and frail...seeing as so many meatheads are frail by our... arnold's and mine, age. Since arnold is also an old man (with that meathead thing happening), i would strike him with just enough force to make the point, and no more. i have been a vegetarian for over 30 years so i have been through 3 complete body change out cycles now as a vegetarian (your complete body is replaced every 7 years m/l at the atomic level), and while i have a great deal of power as a result, because i am an old vegetarian, i have some control.

And i have given this some thought. Should arnold schwarzenegger stop by to see what it is like to be hit by a vegetarian, i will approach this with his best interest in mind. First, i recognize that he will not want a head hit as he considers himself an actor and politician (same difference) and thus thinks his looks are valuable. So a head shot is out. Plus his brain is already damaged from years of steroids (denied, yah), movies, and, even worse for cognition, politics. Since i would not want the bad karma of adding to that load, again, no hitting his meat softened head.

Also, arnold schwarzenegger has had heart surgery, likely to repair damage caused by the steroids he denies taking. So no upper torso shots. Additionally, it is in these heart/sternum centered strikes that the aiki force (supported by vegetarianism) becomes most lethal (the heart being sinusoidal it is very vulnerable to the force wave from aiki)....and i don't want to kill the man, merely demonstrate to his dulled wit that he is damaging the planet by such statements which would encourage other humans to follow the meathead path. And we note that meatheads are incapable of seeing how eating corpses affects not only the animals involved, but also the humans who die as a result since corpses are frequently sources of disease. And also it affects the humans who survive (short term) eating corpses as these pass along death hormones, and many other debilitating diseases, to say nothing of the life threatening conditions that are caused by eating flesh and WILL afflict all meatheads. And the 'cult of blood' for food is damaging to the planet as a whole as well....it goes on and on.

Plus i like some of his movies. Though not his association with the TPTB and their cabal of minions.

However, to continue, that pretty much leaves only an abdomen hit. So, given that i am a strong bastard vegetarian of 30 years, i will choose to hit him with my right arm as that is the side of my mastectomy (caused by infection from falling on edge of old (tainted) plywood sheet) and thus is a bit weaker. This should give arnold a bit more protection to his spleen chakra and its physical manifestation.

Further, i know from experience that i can drive from my place to the closest hospital in just over 10 minutes, so even if he is much weaker than he appears (frequently the case with meatheads), i can get him to local medical assistance rapidly.

That is my case to be the vegetarian who gets to hit arnold (meathead) shwarzeneggar.

i am asking for a little help from friends to pass along my invite to arnold. Personally i think this is a lesson he will prefer to learn from an old man like me, rather than some younger, less restrained vegetarian who may decide to really let him feel 'the force' and thus propel him (prematurely) into his next life.

And if arnold's joss is really bad, it will be a female vegetarian that universe will choose to provide this education. If so, poor bastard indeed.



**meatheads are people who not only consume flesh, but are willfully keeping away the knowledge that it makes them weaker, not stronger. That it damages ALL parts of their body, ki, and karma. Meatheads are a subset of the 'fucktard' class of humans.