Weapons of the weak....

by clif high, Thursday, March 6, 2014 8:03 am

with respect...

...i am one of the weak. Oh, not physically, though i could not successfully wrestle a hippo, but politically.

i am one of the Seven Billions of Humans here on Terra/Earth.

We have no political power, as that has been stolen by the 'e-lites'. We have no legal power, as the 'e-lites' control the lawmaking, enforcement, and justice systems...indeed, so much so that they have figured out ways to monetize our misery... to profit from our incarceration. Hell, given half a chance, and the 'e-lites' will insure your walking corpse against cessation...of life, such that they benefit from your death. These are evil fuckers, these 'e-lites'.

We are at war, the 'e-lites' and the Seven Billions. Many....most....of the Seven Billions are blissfully unaware of this war, though they suffer and die as victims of it daily, nonetheless.

Those of us who are aware have a tendency to drift from stumbling, bumbling, early awakening, toward outraged paranoia, and then, sometimes, to active participation in the war.

But you will never hear of it, these legions fighting for the Freedom of the Seven Billions. You see, we of the awakened warriors are not stupid, and recognize that the 'e-lites' whole machinery is focused on the early destruction of direct opposition.

So, we the weak, chose the strategy of the weak, and do not directly oppose.

We, the weak, chose the tactics of the weak, and use the weapons of the weak. If the 'e-lites' decide to throw a war, we don't show up. Conscripted, we desert. Imprisoned, we strengthen our spirits, educate our fellows, and plot our return actions. Ignored, we listen, and reveal. Worked, we move slowly, and with many errors deliberately chosen to confound the system, and reduce its impact on our fellow humans.

Beaten... we toughen, and harden as a living example to the human striking us..."we have courage, what do you have but a life of fear and slavery?"

To the next victim our resistance shouts... pain is but momentary, victory lasts a lifetime.

So, to those just awakening, forget your fear blanket and paranoia parka. Instead, reach into your guts and retrieve your courage (think of those you love...always does it for me). Chose the weapons of the weak and avoid direct confrontation (the 'e-lites' actually prefer violence and protests).

Instead, take up the weapons of the weak, join the Samurai (those who serve) of the Seven Billions, and help us build your new future.

Oh, and be sure to tell your friends to come join the winning side.

With respect for all the fallen in this war, the Seven Billions are winning, and victory long sought is sweet indeed. Bitcoin uber alles fiat!