Dear Zero....

by clif high, Sunday, August 16, 2015 5:00 pm Pacific Coast (north America) Time

The question posited on Zero Hedge is: what to do?

About it all...the illuminati, the 'royals', the banksters, the corruption, the fake money, the fake news, the fake economies, the central bank take over of the know, 'everything'.

So what do we do? Not what should we do, that is not the question at all, as no matter what we do do, it will be different from what TPTB have been doing and ANYTHING has a better chance at working than what we have been through, BUT....let us watch out for the charismatic personality promising nirvana and leading to stife and war! We've been there, seen that movie and did not like it's ending.

So, we are agreed, no global war, and no fascism...but then what?

i think we need to wait a bit before trying to come up with solutions for the current mess they, The Powers That Be, have made of the planet. i think there is a question that remains, the answer to which will tell us how to answer Zero Hedge's query of 'what do we do (solutions)?'.

Something we need to consider is that our definition of 'everything' does not take into account the one thing that may well save our collective butts going forward into the future....and Max Keiser discovered it.

Yes, Max Keiser, flamboyant street magician turned trader who 'caught the wave' as we say, the first flow of it, the one that hit in the early 1990's....if you were alive and felt it, you changed. Max Keiser changed, and in the course of that change, he discovered the One Thing. But even he does not discuss it.

He was not alone, Catherine Austin Fitts discovered it as well. As have many people, but it is never, to my knowledge, been discussed on the pages at Zero Hedge. This huge giant thing, this conspiracy behind all other conspiracies may well be just too big for even ZH to touch, but until we do, collectively, we the humans and other life on earth, are working with a giant parasite sucking the life (money) from our global veins.

The first thing we must do is to acknowledge that the 80+ years of intense secrecy and obfuscation around the UFO issue has led to a shadow government (read 'parasite' here) of immense proportions that is even now bleeding the economic life out of the planet of the 'earthers' (how they refer to us planet bound fellows).

We earthers refer to them as the 'Break-away Civilization'. Anyone not aware of this secret society here on earth and elsewhere need only search the internet for it by this name.

Science Fiction?

If, far too true, and NONE of the changes in the planetary social order over the last 60 years make any sense UNTIL the BlackOps/ Break-away Civilization world is taken into the equation. Once the economic thinking starts to factor in the huge bleed down of global productivity into this parallel global society, a lot more of the math starts to make sense.

If we are to reclaim the planet from the psychopathic banksters and their masters we need to start with as honest an apprasial of our situation as may be obtained. This begins with a critical question, the answer to which determines the very future of mankind, and we need to ask it of the Break-away civilization guys:

"ok boys, what'd you do with all that money?"