before putting energy into a gun ban, let's be smart and ban gun images in all media - including video games.....and then ban psychiatric 'medicines' ...

with respect....

Yes, i would allow an exception for any psychiatric 'medicine' that the makers, including all scientists, technicians, and officers, including board members of the corporation were willing to take as prescibed for 5 years......and then only if 250 randomly chosen, board certified, licensed psychiatrists would also take the 'medicines', along with members of their immediate families....

As to the gun images....the Main Stream Media will NEVER agree....they make too much money off the death of innocents, and their propagandizing of death. Take guns out of media? The horror! What will the zionist media masters do for 'visual pop' in their productions if we remove all the violence that they force down all media tubes. All of it focused on...you got it...guns.

But, realistically, it is the incessant mind control by bombardment of violent imagery that is the real culprit, not the weapon chosen.

However, the powers-that-be seek to remove guns from the populace of earth as a prerequisite to their new world of 'order'.

Their approach is trauma, and horror, and propaganda.

Their fear was reputedly misattributed to Isoroku Yamamoto, Fleet Commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War 2, in which he supposedly said that "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."

While there is dispute that Yamamoto made this statement, it would seem that tptb would not dispute its truth.



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