sun doc's?

recently a massive sphere was observed within the solar corona. It was apparently attached to the solar sphere by an umbilical tube of sorts. Whether 'birthed' from the sun, or just sucking at the solar tit, i am struck by the excellence of the timing of the occurrance. Just when our friendly neighborhood sun is in the throes a seeming major expansion event (or events), along comes a very very very very very very unexpected form of solar energy dissipation. Right at a scary peak of activity in fact.

Hmmm...is this good for us here on earth?

Can't see that this is bad. And as universe is self correcting, and self adjusting (read that again, oh admirals of the temporal seas...), it makes sense that it would have its own form of an 'adjustment mechanism' in-built into the proccesses.

As humans are mostly small and ignorant, and even collectively (in the matterium), we can barely keep our asses covered, it also makes sense that we are totally oblivious to the larger processes of universe operating around us. It would seem that universe is providing a demonstration for our elucidation.

The large 'triangle' coronal 'hole' makes sense as well. If the energy levels are being 'drawn down' so to speak, then the underlying geometric nature of the sun (and all within matterium) will be revealed as a natural outcome of less 'energetic overlay'.

Hmmm...from the view point of the small and the ignorant, this whole turn of events feels like a 'good thing'.

posted March 13, 2012 by clif high