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The beginning is near...
Moving, at last?!?

Pain in the ass (the moving part) as we have vast quantities of tools, materials, yurts (those alone are over 2 tons), boats and such, but the hunt for property is circling a few prospects and is changing toward 'very likely soon' with each new day. There are many considerations that are necessarily a part of our personal and business decision process, including burps, belches, farts, and other digestive upsets in the global alimentary (money) canal, but it does seem that timing is starting to favor this effort.


The College of Reality....

Universe is providing a location with potential to accommodate our creative as well as business needs. This includes the idea of a large (perhaps 40+ foot) 'auditorium/office' yurt and a mid-Summer's conference (actually a 'college' in the very old sense of the word) with demos of new technologies and other fun and mind captivating bits of reality.

Should we achieve relocation in Fall of 2015, the first such 'college' is planned for Summer 2016.

Freaked out about Sean David Mortons' future hair style decisions?

IDIR App (for Android)

Currently in early stage negotiations with two (game) app developers to produce an IDIR app for Andoid that would provide a limited (by bandwidth mostly) version of our processing and modelspace for personal use. The current design is for a deterministic mode streaming bot processing display that will be able to be customized for individual concerns! Many issues remain to be addressed so NOT going to be a 2015 roll out, though there is some possibility of large scale processing hosting (for per use/time fees) that would allow a very sophisticated version to be created and delivered by 'cloud' servers. Anyway, still in the works...

Weekly Wujo Vids

As soon as practical DURING the relocation, we are planning to start a weekly clif's wujo video series. Initially these will be focused on the previous weeks' construction at HPH HQ and our progress, or the rain (have to do a lot of this during inclement weather). However as the activities dwindle on the construction, we will shift over to our Salish SurReal format with interviews with local nutters and others....

anticipated in Fall of 2015.


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