oh-oh, and wtf? round square feet?...

no, seriously...yet another idiot (takes one to know one) predicting big ass earthquake (different methods/location) near by temporally though ....OFFICIAL PREDICTION FOR A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE BETWEEN 5 AND 7.3 RICHTERS TO STRIKE SOUTH OF LOS ANGELES BEFORE 11:59PM ON JUNE 3, 2013


and now the WTF?

in response to the outrageous conditions in the real estate (and dollar) markets engineered by the FRN Factory (aka 'da fed'), we here at hph have had to take our usual approach of 'unique' (it's kinder than bizarre) thinking to new limits in meeting our changing habitat needs. What follows are some renderings of the new HalfPastHuman non-corporate, non-headquarters, domicile, and central location for universe leveraging.

south elevation, below grade

The elements NOT shown include the stairs, the connection between the yurts, the awnings i have designed to cool the yurts from sun in summer and (flipped over) shield the deck from winds in winter (for vitamin d seeking behavior), as well as most of the rest of the planet.






The plan is to investigate raw land opportunities, this in spite of over 14 MILLION homes being vacant, as over 44% of all home 'owners' cannot sell due to being 'under water' (also known as being 'flooded out by bernanke piss'). So the locked up nature of housing has indeed started to create a bit of inflation, which is what the FRN Factory desperately needs. But, the cascade of problems resulting from this controlled 'market' have forced us to consider creating our own alternate reality.

So, once it was considered, we 'worked the numbers' to a satisfactory conclusion and have decided on purchasing two Pacific Yurts (30' models) to place on a large platform on a sunken pole foundation. i am working with a local resin manufacturer on a donation to treat the poles as an experiment for them. Should we relocate, or remove the platform years hence, they will have an exposure record that will provide tons of data (assuming...ya'da, and that other ya'da don't happen) for their potential entry into a new and emerging market.

By using poles, the foundation costs for a 4000 square foot living area (the total deck surface) drop to slightly less than $1 (one dollar or FRN) per square foot, as opposed to mean costs for cement material alone for same area (and not including the additional expenses imposed by engineering both site and platform for cement) are immediately over $41 (forty one dollars) a foot. In some building material studies of single family houses in CONUS, the costs of cement for foundations ranges from a low of 45% to over 80% of total (pre-finish) shelter construction costs.

Needless to say, being a lazy fellow, i am not a big fan of a lot of work in scraping ground flat just to embed tens of tons of concrete to support a structure. Now, true, yurts do not require the level of foundation material usually associated with a 'stick built' house, but my point is still the same taken for this platform as a mere deck. Even then, the cement block and pier approach still requires needless and expensive site alterations, as well as more damned cement in the ground.

There are a number of benefits for living in yurts, not the least of which is cost, but our primary benefit will be the speed of creation of 1500 (m/l) round square feet new living space that will be tuned to our needs. i expect that i can (with one paid helper) put up the yurts in less than 15 days once the platform is constructed (much like saying i can put the capstone on in mere minutes once y'all get the pyramid base built). There are also considerable savings in finishing costs with no load bearing walls required, as well as the round nature of the living space.

Finally, in using the proven pole foundation approach, the 4000 square foot platform will have minimal impact on the site chosen.

In the drawings above, the red flags indicate poles that will be supporting my weather protecting awnings, as well as things like hanging baskets of flowers, and web cams (focused on the view, and a couple of experiments i will be running), and other nifty devices for general amusement.

The height of the model is aribtrary and merely represents the ability to overcome irregularities of the site. i expect the platform to be within 3 easy steps of the ground.

The very large deck area at the back provides outdoor living space. The area between the two yurts will have a connecting corridor (not shown), that may connect to a deck sited solarium.

Yes, the deck is hugely over built and i could indeed likely drive my dually up on it should i chose without it falling over, but i needed to use that level of beams to be able to gain the bending strength against earthquakes as the beams are through bolted in pairs to the supporting poles. Rather than attempt to restrict the motion of the poles, i chose to let the platform 'float' such that it will remain a rigid structure against a flexible connection to (potentially) moving poles.

i will post pictures as the project proceeds...universe not intruding.

This shift in living patterns is part of a move toward exploring 'light, soft, strong, flexible' as an antifragility tactic in response to our changing planetary environment.