with respect, let us begin...

During this intervallo, you may leave the play, ever so briefly, for pie and drinks. We caution against excessive poison intake (alcohol) during this holiday 'season', given that we know what is coming in the next act of the play and that all attendees will require every bit of consciousness that they may be able to muster. Further there is the issue of the dampening of the higher level vibrations caused by alcohol consumption, which forces the alcohol afflicted consciousness to take refuge in the r-complex (or reptilian part) of the brain as any higher brain activity is quashed.

This year, 2010 (year not over, please note), more people (250,000+ globally) were killed by collisions with weather and earth changes (volcanoes and such) than have ever been killed by (non-governmental) terrorism. ALL the signs point toward continuing 'bad' weather, 'nasty' volcanoes, and 'unpredictable waves (tides as well)' through this Winter, 2010/2011. Yet another reason to avoid alcohol consumption as it will impair your ability to make it through foul weather conditions that are likely to settle into your local area from December 22 onward.

Please note that 'inebriation' is not the same as being 'high'. Persons 'drown their sorrows', yet have their friends take them higher (in vibration)....usually this involves some form of drug use such as one of the 7/seven sacred herbal teachers (including but not limited to, ganga, psylocybe cubensis or cousins). Morality preachers' (aka 'single state' minds) lame ass arguments do not stand up to reality. Strange how 'officialdom' ban all drugs that increase vibration yet promote and produce or sanction dozens of forms of ingestible's, from booze to artificial 'sweeteners', that reduce personal vibration and awareness...hmmmm, probably a lesson there. Just from 'officialdom denial', there would appear to actually be many reasons to consider drugs as vibration altering substances (rather than party favors)...as do the shamanic initiates globally (shout out to our favorite metaphysical speeeelunker down south of the equator). But again, it is all about 'set and setting', which brings us back to the current, very brief, intermission in the release language (about 9 hours today of 'flat' trajectory), and then the further developments yet to be manifest over the last part of this month and the first 19 days of 2011. The 'setting' of your personal situation will likely be affected as our release language play resumes later today. Act accordingly. Penalties in the game of life have increased in severity in case you had not noticed.

Staying for a moment to the nature of the increases in the release language, we note that the reconciliation programs which match forecast linguistics against that which is being manifest, have so far shown that the 'terra intrusions' are only about 3/three percent of the total release language to date. As the forecast ratio was for slightly over 10/ten percent of the language to be Terra based, we can definitively expect more, and likely larger 'terra intrusions' over this next month. The data sets also had indicated that the shift into building tension language in late January would be followed by days with yet more, larger, intrusions by Terra activities into planetary human consciousness.

So, being that we are just over half-way through our release language 'set' of 63/sixty-three days, and noting that in spite of much blather and ill informed speculation to the contrary from such as the gulpers and the pee-camels, the tipping point did occur, and the planet of humans has been flooded with 'release' language ever since with both the rate, and rate of increase, of the release language continuing to accelerate moment by moment.

As these works (The Shape of Things to Come reports) are fundamentally 'programs' for the play of manifesting reality, and as they are 'works of time', it is necessary to occasionally update the 'program' for the 'play' during the intermission as the whole of reality is a work in progress.

We note now that the Wikileaks 'release' of documents is the largest propellant of the release language so far, with North vs. South Korea (as proxies) a close second. Following tightly on their heels are [alien wars] sub themes popping out into mainstream media in very unexpected ways. Then we also have many of the SpaceGoatFarts entity material showing up in the form of explosions on the sun; planet sized objects out mucking around the sun, and laser beam 'battles' between UF'Oh?s being capture on government space spy cams. Note of curiosity that before the 'officialdom' started their invasive video campaign against humans on earth, they *first* put video cams in space.....hmmmm? What kind of 'terrorists' are they watching for out there?

Also associated with the Wikileaks material are many of the forecast linguistics from past Shape and ALTA reports, in the case of the latter, going back nearly 5/five years. The language around the leaks is incredibly rich, and i am quite sure that some very heavy 'inter human network tracking' software is getting a very good work out as we see just who is screaming the most, and who yet remains quiveringly silent.

The rumors of the next round of Wikileaks 'releases' (hint hint on language)...include not only the promise of deep banking secrets which many people speculate to be centered on Bank of America, while others, perhaps more in the know, are thinking it is actually to be 30/thirty plus years worth of 'secrets' to be revealed about the NY Federal Reserve Bank. The ramifications of either are severe for the banking system which is already stressed to levels never before encountered as it stumbles headlong into the upcoming currency collapse. Note that leverage and derivatives are now being piled upon each other as the fraud of the global 'reserve' banking system comes undone as a direct result of its nature (criminal) being taken to its logical extreme by those persons trapped in the myth of acquisition (e.g. where the 'ego/i' thinks that if it acquires more, and continues to acquire, then everlasting life (for the ego) shall result). As an aside, i have found it best to just kill off the ego as soon as you may. Life is much more interesting and enjoyable afterward. And as the ego is a debased mental construct connected to the manipura-chakra, one's digestion is also improved after ego death.

Further rumors about upcoming Wikileaks material include speculation about "area 51" documents and 'ufo' material being included. We here at HPH have reason to think that the upcoming release *will* include details about our 'two thieves (travelers)' who had previously absconded with 'ancient space alien devices' from the bottom of an 'all black drawer in an all black file cabinet, in an all black room, behind a guarded black door'. This will be a particularly satisfying piece of universe upon which to gnaw as it is associated linguistically with very large changes in social structure, and given the current state of oppression by officialdom and the reptilian-brained *status quo'idians*, any change is welcome. Our welcome will also be extended out to space as the [alien wars] meme 'heats' up over this next month of release language. Again we note that multiple year old forecasts for release language concerning [alien wars] and its many intriguing sub sets were forecast for 2011 (early, starting right after the new year) from ALTA reports that continued right through the current Shape series. The juxtaposition of Wikileaks, UFO's, and our SpaceGoatFarts entity is, at least in our eyes, actually quite elegant. We will do our best to act surprised as the various descriptors begin to emerge in the MSM (main stream media (mostly propagandists and shills)).

Having only very small observational opportunities of the night sky due to weather and heavy chemtrail activities, it has been impossible to produce any video of the increased activity going on right over our heads. This lack of clear skies will not be a hindrance to the development of the rest of the SpaceGoatFarts relevant language for this next month. We are expecting that further [alien wars] language will manifest on schedule. Also the first of the [death of religion] language levels forecast by the SpaceGoatFarts entity all the way back in very early ALTA reports is now also emerging into reality and the mainstream propagandist press. Apparently, shortly after the new year, the [dirty money] language threads forecast to hit the [palace of the sorcerers (aka vatican)] will emerge with a [vengeance]. Please note the linguistic hint there....'vengeance'. The upcoming [secrets revealed] about the [vatican], and the [dirty dealings] of the [popes] which will include not only [murder], but [ongoing child sacrifice] and other abhorrent acts of [inhuman nature] will be so [shocking] {ed note: as forecast in ALTA and Shape reports as being led by that word 'shocking' in the msm} as to cause [faith] to [fail] in all [churches (both catholic and protestant)]. We are also anticipating that the [vatican bank scandals (dirty money, murders, war financing, rape of aftica, human trafficking (with israeli's)] will be a very large driver of the building tension language starting on January 19th.

As you return to your seat from this pie intervallo, please note that the next Act in this Reality Play will involve more Terra activity associated with the stressors being felt from both sun and moon. The lunar eclipse on the 21st will provide for 3/three days of new release language. Also note that the 3rd Act of this play will start mid morning on the 7th and lead to the denouement on the 18th. Further the next round of solar windings problems will also be starting on the 19th, but likely will include a few 'early impacts' mid January.

As the lights dim and the orchestra starts up, we note that, as with all plays, "you can't tell the players, without a program". Obscuring masks and playwright deliberate misdirection are hall marks of BAD plays, and it remains to be seen whether tptw and their 'writers' will stoop so low to try to recover the plot of this particular Act, especially on the 25th.


Note of a need for computer animation talent contribution. If you are a talented computer animator and wish to work your ass off on an intense, brief schedule for no money and lots of abuse, please send an email to moon at this domain expressing such interest. We are planning a production which will be short, intense, and we think will go viral (1/one million + views rapidly). Credit (at least) will be provided to all participants. There may be some 'back end' involved, it will depend on how much we can resonate with universe.


December 19, 2010


December 19, 2010