fucking damn! Irish temporal marker falling now....


Just a quick note on the way out to the boat shed. Have a listen to Max Keiser's latest RT Max Keiser report. What he and the estimable Stacy Herbert are discussing in the first few minutes is the 'irish temporal marker' that we have be anticipating. It has actually manifested some 18 days ahead of the end of the 'window' indicated by the data in the last 3/three reports. This is the 'irish showing the way' temporal marker that has been detailed in previous reports.

So, as this is manifesting now, i have igor (we are working on downloading new firmware into repaired pieces of cc board today) getting ready to fire up the concurrency spyders (they seek forecast language of temporal markers as it emerges) for the next 2/two temporal markers which were 'clustered' within the same data set as that which produced the forecast of the 'irish test' of the NWO...

As an aside, and due to being in the 'woo-woo biz', i can assure you that phase 2/deaux of the 'Irish test' will be very successful indeed. Max will be proud. Likely in less than 23/twenty-three days.

Huzaaaa the Irish!

Zaaa. With respect, let us all welcome the NWO to the Irish mat.


posted March 26, 2012 by clif high