Ah, the joy of madness...a future history experiment


Ah, the joy of madness...the liberation of personal sanity floating in the twisted torsion of species endemic mental illness. All it takes is just a bit of madness, just the flavor of quirky perception....a tortured bit of peel of universe in our morning brew, et voila....it is revealed.

Here at HPH, the impression is that barely 11 (eleven) days from today (October 28, 2010), a great [ungluing] will commence. Our preception of this perception is based on some complex set theory. These sets are continuing to to be examined as the linguistics of the msm (mainstream media also known as the 'propaganda press arm of your (wannabe) political masters') spew their verbiage en masse into the aether.

As the forecast linguistics mount while universe and time shove us all toward our date with destiny, the linguistic structures within our modelspace continue to provide bits and pieces that we, meaning me, in my madness, presume to be clues to the future [ungluing]...also [unstitching]...also [unraveling].

Just this morning, while examining the output runs from modelspace's overnight builds, and with some dark roast Guatemalan coffee with a twist of fresh tortured madness, i *think* i spotted a couple of new clues.

So...i ask my self...what the hell to do with these prescient pointers newly extracted from the growing mass of modelspace? It is the nature of these clue pieces that beg the question. Given that we think the nexus of negativity will be the 'USofA dollar' and all its many derivatives, and given that the PowersThatBe (aka reptilian mind dominated aquisitor types) have a history of 'making money' on the mass deaths of our time...witness the strange stock manipulations prior to 911 and the Sumatran Tsunami to cite but two....just what do we do with these tiny bits of future action clues? They relate to money.

So...i could go Psstt ... to the few and wanttobe powerful that are *always* to be found around, or....do nothing....or ?.....hmmmmm, i could give in to the twist of universe madness in my coffee (aka my baser nature) and figure a way to harmonize with universe....also known as ...'fuck around with reality'.

Guess which i chose?

So here it is....the modelspace is forecasting that within mere days, several very large changes in 'stock valuations' and 'bond pricings', and other 'derivative valuations' including 'tables of cross party risk orderings' will be occurring. These, as with previous money-making-on-future-death schemes, will result in large scale swings in pricing activity. I do not have meaningful clues as to what or where will be impacted....but what i do know is that the first 'swing in pricing' will be a very noticable (if you are looking in the right place) 18 (eighteen) percent....then, and probably directly because of this essay, a further 5 (five) percent additional change will also be recorded. Now here is the cool part, there are undoubtedly greed obsessed monkey minds riding herd on some humans who will read this. They will find the 'loci' of activity of TPTB in advance of the actual November ungluing, and thinking to participate in a 'killing', they will pile on (in spite of karmic risks). This extra 'action' on the part of these greedy bottom feeders will be what brings on the additional 5/five percent. And, with luck, and assuming it is meaningful, this specific 18 and then 5 pattern will be able to be spotted and used, again assuming that it is meaningful.

Now, we also need to know that just by looking we alter the future. However, this particular bit of future experimentation would seem to be reasonably 'locked in' at this late date in the larger unfolding that is universe, and the quantity of the aware observers, while unknown, and basically unmeasurable is still likely too small to cross the threshold of the emotional energy required to thwart the plans of TPTB. In other words, even if TPTB *know* we are watching, they will likely still do their money-bets-with-death things in the markets. This will occur as they discount the number of aware observers, and they are greedy beyond comprehension of most humans, and they are basically a bit stupid.

So....i had a nice bit of madness dropped in my coffee this morning. It gave a tasty flavor to the day.....just thought to pass it along....plenty of good universe gnawing left in this one...what do you think?

October 28, 2010.