Not Wednesday, but Nuke day...


This is our first "nuke day". Wednesday, April 13, 2011, here on the coast of the inland Salish Sea (Puget Sound) in WA (Japanese linguistic pun intended) State, continental USofA (old style pol tical designation), planet Terra (aka 'earth').

Sad to say.

Have a crew working cleaning up from accumulated wind storm damage, which brings up the whole reason for noodling on this. We (me and crew of young humans) are cleaning up and moving out the sharpie in preparation for building a proa. This will be a pacific style, WLW, Sprit Crane rigged at 882 square feet of sail (98 square meters) with a habitat central pod constructed out of 'traditional' materials and methods. Was going to use high tech foam, but the math convinced me it would shred under the compression load of the crane Sprit sail in very short order. So back to wood/glass/epoxy. Which is slower, and requires more hands, thus appearance of Crew.

After having reached the conclusion that ALL the evidence ever presented for a crustal shift of the planet can also readily be explained by the expando planet model, and thus determining i would likely NOT perish as the oceans went walk about (since they wont) amidst the other chaos that will be 2012, it now appears that in spite of the reprieve, the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown provides yet another reason for a boat as an 'exit strategy'. Only now, the 8KSB (eight knot shit box) approach wont do.

First we note that as a necessary part of the expando planet model, the planet MUST be getting no tic ably windier with each major expansion....as the surface area of the planet grows, so does the disruption of the current wind patterns, as well as the larger potential for larger winds to develop due to that same 'more surface area of the planet'. So, yes good for June Hong Chien Li (respect wind travel forever), but definitely something that every sailor and even land lovers need to consider. This is especially true as the average base planetary wind speed will undoubtedly grow, albeit, irregularly, over these next few years. Second, we also need to note that now, these are 'ill winds' that are decidedly ill.

This brings up the point of the title. Crew is not working today. On checking the rad levels this morning with my most excellent United Nuclear Pocket Rad Meter, i found everything skookum, and dogs proceeded to walk me for a mile or so. Then, just before Crew is to arrive, i discover yet-another small pin hole leak in the piping of the house undoubtedly caused when we lost 14.5 feet of height in the Japan quake (yes, it is true, we lost nearly 15 feet of elevation over mean low tide here in southern Puget sound on the day of the 9.1 Japanese earthquake). So quickly i pop down and use the tried and true heavy rubber pipe sliced and hose clamped over leak 'temporary' repair, and pop out again from under house. On reentering, and pushing through dogs who were determined to suck the under-the-house-nasty-dark-crawlspace smells out of my jeans, i felt moved by universe to check the rads again.

Sure enough, my shoes were clicking up a frenzy at nearly .3 mRs Hour. This clicking amounted to 240cpm and that was alarming. Shoes were rapidly washed off outside, rechecked and the clicking was gone. So, apparently, was the radioactive particle that caused it. This probably came down yesterday afternoon in the hail.

Then, just checking background rad levels, i noticed that the rain just starting up raised us up to .25 mRs/hr and was erratically higher. Sooooo since part of Crew called with battery-in-truck issues, i decided, as boss of crew that everyone should chill out today as we wait for rains to pass.

Sad to say, that is part of the new reality around here. Yes, we likely could have worked with impunity, but these are young men, and being outside during the whole of the work under this rain would push their levels of rads higher than i was willing to accept. Especially as the rain is irregularly 'loaded'. And that there are some levels of particulates as well.

Thus i called our first 'nuke day'.

Once we clear off the debris on the property, and the sharpie is out to new home, we can work mostly under tall covers of the boat shed, which should let us be a bit more persevering in the face of this new reality of potential daily impact of radioactive ill winds across the Pacific.

Then it is onto the new boat as Q'oki-oki and i sail and test the dagger boards, and new rudder system. Both will be involved in the new proa boat. The design needs to allow for beaching under all kinds of conditions.

The thinking is that solar ka-blooies (technical term meaning the sun will bitch slap earth's atmosphere) will cause problems for the electrical grid nationally directly and then will also set off giant earthquakes that will further add to issues. Then there is the problem of the continued earth expansion which will lower us even further, and will also cause cracks separating human infrastructure including bridges. Thus, since we are exceptionally dependent on bridges in this area, with their known fragility in our type of earthquakes (Olympia lost a main artery bridge in 2001 6.5 Nisqually quake epicenter 12 miles out), a boat makes sense. Also, every bridge we humans ever built is actually at risk from the expansion of the planet. As are all the damn dams. As is the electrical grid which is essential to keep the nuclear plants from meltdown. As are the at-risk pipe lines that bring cooling water. As is the at-risk river flows which *will* change suddenly during expansion events. And, when the earth bounces your ass up and down in a multiple minute big earthquake, *THAT* is an expansion event. There may be hundreds, perhaps thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of these over the next few years with some major clustering potential existing for much of late 2011 and all of 2012 and most of 2013. Then there are those pesky solar flares just waiting to scorch off the electrical grid at any given moment by pouring in actual TONS of high energy particles.... all of which are involved in furthering even more expansion events.

And a bigger planet has stronger winds.

Given the increasing potential, as well as the manifesting reality of the ill winds, and the strong winds, it makes sense to take advantage of the increasing wind speeds in order to 'out run' rains which will be deposited by the ill winds. No sail boat goes faster than a proa. Properly designed they will not capsize, and cannot sink. Devised by a group of people (Australnesian peoples) who had no access to metals, their culture nonetheless invented and perfected boats of staggeringly simple construction, yet marvelously complex thinking, built of virtually no materials (mostly built of local plant fibers), yet they explored and colonized an area that is over one/third of the planet. At speeds that were beyond the comprehension of the "western" sea farers when first encountered.

Those of us who enamored of nautical history will recognize that the Polynesian peoples were perfecting a design (double voyaging canoes of size) left to them by the Atlantean peoples from before the last expansion period some 11,890 years ago. That the Marshall islanders could exceed the sophisticated design elements of the Atlantean (and the distant pharoic peoples from what we now call Egypt) long distance voyaging catamarans without using metals is truly awe inspiring.

So here we have the 'native' expression of the South Pacific Island resident peoples, brilliant invention, paupacy of materials, staggering historic accomplishment.

Then there is the GE designed, and USofA politically forced nuclear plant design in Fukushima Japan where the heaviest of metals (uranium) has 'run' amok. It is causing problems across the planet. Hmmm....probably, in my opinion, we should look to other Asian cultures for our best approach, and temper our intoxication (again, linguistic pun intended) with metals as a planetary culture. They always seem to get us into trouble and kill people.

As an aside, our data for a long time has provided for the ill winds to circle the planet 9/nine times and to participate in all manner of problems for humans including 'early' death. It is worth considering that the continuing ill winds may yet have further and future nuclear sources...

Also, just my opinion, but it would seem to me that Terra itself is providing us with increasing energy in the winds, just when universe is demonstrating that humans frequently operate in shit-for-brains mode, thus probably should not be trusted, ever, with nasty metals such as plutonium. And as the winds will continue to increase in strength and speed, maybe some thought could be given to new, less dangerous ways of extracting energy from this source as an alternative to radioactive metals.

Q'oki-oki, my 25foot skin-on-frame umiak trimaran now has a few bolts to secure the ama's, but was built without metals in the hull (habitat), and the propulsion (mast/sail/lines). It does have batteries and an electric motor that will drive it at 11.1 knots at 2/3rds capacity, but even though the batteries are charged on my solar system, the winds are free, and are there, while i have to lug the batteries (116 pounds each) up to the power room to connect to the solar panels. Yes, i can add either panels or wind generator to the umiak, but it is a test bed, not (except in really dire straits) the actual exit strategy. True i could probably sail to Siberia quite safely in Q'oki-oki, but it would be cold and miserable, and wife-person says i am grumpy enough without adding that, and oh, we need a decent bathroom in the new boat anyway.....

and thus it begins, changes to the design.....

and no pie as the rhubarb is 'out there'...in the heavy metal rain....

on Nuke Day, April 13, 2011.