why am i suddenly the sane one?...


Listen guys, i enjoy being at the absolute limit of the nutter range in ANY room i enter....so why am i suddenly the sane one in the wujo?

Here is the next iteration of the Wilcock-Fulford-Drake 'Mass Arrests' meme...and it is the 'Military Families are Briefed' meme. This is good for Wilcock and Fulford because now more people will be distracted from their recent failure, but not so good for Drake as he is consuming this energy, thus will be drained as these minds go off on this newly offered tangent.

No, i shit you not.

Seems that there is an 'unnamed' source feeding an internet radio host the idea that military families, presumably in some numbers, are being briefed about the imminent reappearance of Nibiru. Further they are being shown 'maps' and 'other supporting documents' relative to a bug out away from coastal areas that they are supposed to undertake when given yet another 'green light'.

Oh, and the military families are to not say anything to anyone after signing a non disclosure agreement prior to the briefing.

So, i can say that this is bullshit. Of the rankest kind.

i was a military brat (father lifer army infantry) for 17 years, and it can safely be assumed that the kids would be tweating out the info before the briefing was finished.

Ok, just for the sake of argument, let's assume that it was the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis (which i lived through at a very strategic spot) mindset that prevailed upon today's military families...and that the mind set held sway en masse. And further let us assume that only parents were at the briefing, and that only Sargents and above in rank were involved. And let us all assume that over half of the participants are on some form of mood or mind altering drug as a permanent part of their life. And also that the remainder are not on too stable a footing in their life with or without drugs (just the nature of the times).

Soo....now we set the situation, and we can do the math....given the predisposition of the military dependent to see themselves in that role, that is, dependent, then normal human numbers do not apply. Just for the sake of argument, we will reduce the likely numbers to one tenth their 'normal distribution' in the average population.

Then, out of every 1000 families briefed, that night, 9/nine of them will be having the following converasion AFTER the supposed briefing....

Ellen: But she's YOUR mother...we have to call her, Hank! We have to....

Hank: But they said that they would...

Ellen: Hank....your mother!?!

Hank: Ok. I know. We'll call her. In a few days. You do it. No. Don't use your phone. See if you can borrow Cindy's. Call her. But DON'T tell her what up... Just tell her to be ready for us to come get her real sudden like. But NOT why...


And that, boys and girls, in case you had not noticed, is how pies disappear and reality works....one bite at a time. So first Ellen calls Hank's mom, but of course, she had to borrow Susan's phone, so she just had to tell her, at least enough so that she would not seem completely crazy...and then, of course, Hank's mom is no dummy, and she just would not let it alone, and then, she asked what about Stephen, her boxer. Was he coming? Or should she take him to the DoggieHotel? And if so, what days?....and it then becomes ever so complicated that the next thing you know there are those 9/nine calls to 9/nine mothers multiplied by dozens of other relatives and then, seemingly instantly, there are THOUSANDS of reports around the internet of individual stories by, and about military families having some sort of generalized freak out....in spite of any NDO....i can also assure you of that. We called our relatives in 1962....just human nature.

so, when asked about the video version of

The John Moore Show 7-11-2012 - Alert Level 3.6 Nibiru is Near

i have this to say....

where the fuck are the thousands of supporting voices? eh?

All i can find is a single source....not a good indication of a reality manifestation. Sole source reports these days of things that are supposedly happening to multitudes are not a good sign of reality based thinking....in other words, sole source reports always lead back to single sources...ergo, it is NOT happening to multitudes. This is also the underlying problem with the whole Mass Arrests thing...it always came back to the single source of Ben Fulford (later augmented by David Wilcock and Drake). Tens of thousands of Ninja's going to participate....well, where are their voices? What about ALL the military guys who would HAVE to be involved in arresting even a few hundred people....even as they are attempting to move us into NWO world, look what has happened....half the internet is people bitching about government and officialdom and tptb and minions et al....

Just human nature....people like to, hell, are compelled to, talk. Especially about important shit. So where are even 100 other voices? Oh, and i do not buy any offers of every military family scared silent by an NDO.

oh, and i re-iterate....just when did i get to be the sane one around here?

July 14, 2012 (happy Bastille day to all of the French persuasion.)

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