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Global Challenge...


September 21, 2012

Presently there are two potentially viable processes for producing our StoneBooks.

We are putting together a plan for crowdsourcing the necessary capital to begin testing the production issues involved with one of these processes. This first test is designed to produce a 'volume' that is 100 pages that are bound in a titanium housing. The process should produce a volume that will last about 30,000 years*.

It will be expensive to produce these so all our funds will go toward that goal. We intend to sell these to institutions, organizations, and rich individuals (we will likely offer 'vanity' versions as well). Any returns will be plowed back into the next set of volumes.

Here is the planetary challenge. We need to have smart people help us by reducing knowledge down to 100 page primers. These primers will have to fit on 5 by 7 inch pages. These primers will have to assume that NO language will be used. These primers need to convey their information in graphic format.

Our first test productions will be for Maths (geometry, and functional building maths), and Biology (specifically human birthing process).

We will be producing volumes on Astronomy (helical model), Biology (all forms of common medical/dental procedures), Biology ( animal husbandry), Farming, and anything and everything else we can think of over these next months.

However, each and every volume is expensive to produce, therefore this will not be a speedy growth industry.

Here is the global challenge: are you part of a group, organization, college, school, or soc (self organizing collective) that would like to produce a volume for our Stonebooks works? Be advised...absolutely NO money in this. For any of us. And likely NO attribution. Let's be realistic...who in 8,000 years, when your volume is dug up, will really care about your name....what is important is that your thoughts, your design, can influence lives and reduce suffering by preserving knowledge into the far future. So, no money, no fame, but there is that other compensation, for those who get the concept...it is perhaps the ultimate ego trip...being the 'pyramid builders' for future humanity.

So, get your group together, think hard, and reduce your knowledge base to 100 sheets that will be 5 by 7 inches, and graphically presented**. Then DO NOT SEND THEM TO US, rather, please send an email with the description of what you have produced, the persons involved, et cetera. We will then work to schedule a production run that can include your material. This is a work in progress and we WILL screw up...so cut us some slack, and please grant us space to work.

As we produce volumes, our Stonebooks page will be updated so that subject areas that are already covered can be eliminated from your thinking. We intend to produce these as long as we are able...given the end of the world as we know it and all....

...ok, start them neurons up, and get to gnawing on universe....it's pretty tasty.

Our goal with these books is to preserve knowledge and reduce suffering in a distant future on the other side of the catastrophic transitions just ahead.



Copyright...all rights reserved, no copying without attribution, but otherwise, freely distribute.

* Can someone from 30,000 years from now send me a message and let me know how these did? Our guess is just that, a guess...who the hell knows how long these will last until they do? Thanks.

** The Peru Graphic Stones can be an inspiration.