The 'word'....

It is out there, this word we all seek. We do not know its language, nor its etymology, but we know it exists. It can be found. We have records from ancient times whispering its existence in hidden codes, but no representation of the word itself, as must be the case, once one understands the nature of the word and its use.

That the word is a word is so deliciously pleasing a tasty treat for radical linguists that poets could not express the elegance of universe so beautifully displayed.

Stated, it forms a sound, as do all spoken words, but the sound of this word is different. The sound of this word is not for conveying information as phonemes for your ears. The sound of this word is a tool in the specific frequencies and amplitude waves that it forms. This word as waveform tool is very powerful, perhaps the most powerful tool that exists to humans.

This word sound waveform tool, spoken by a human, in the presence of papa Bush, will transform him from a slowly aging degenerate ritual abuser in human guise, into his actual appearance generated by his personal energies within universe, which is a bipedal, reptilian looking creature. Say this word in the presence of Henry Kissinger and the shimmering glamour placed on the minds of humans within view of him is removed, and so is the human mask shielding him from the perception of his grotesque reptilian body and face. Though it may be the cold snake black eyes, more than the lizard lips crusted with human blood, that will so repel real humans. Say this word of waveform disruption in the presence of the old woman claiming status as the queen of England and Slaver of the Planet Terra, and just watch what a 'lovable' scaly beast shall emerge. Attempt to speak this word to queenies husband and a 'royal' slave/stooge will try to kill you to protect the head lizard of the planet.

It is out there, this word we all seek. We do not know its language, nor its etymology, but we know it exists. It can be found. We have records from ancient times shouting its existence to those who can read the hidden codes, but no grapheme of the word itself, as must be the case, as the reptiles destroy any document or writing of the word lest it be let loose to reveal their true visage.

It is out there, this word we speak, waiting to be found. When it is rediscovered, what havoc will be unleashed on the 'heads' of men. The unawakened will absolutely freak to see their 'leaders' as they actually manifest.. But likely the middle class burghers will not be as fear freaked as the reptiles themselves, since light leads to questions which are outside of ritual and reptilian cleverness is limited to inwardly spiraling control structures. Oh, they know about frequencies, and words of power...and they also know that this word is not alone. There are other words, with different uses. And it is this knowledge that scares the little lizard pellets right out of their grasping lizard rectums. The knowledge of the word, and its siblings twists their guts, and tightens the little knot of fear deep in their minds. And thus is revealed why so much of earth is covered with smelly lizard shit at the moment.

What scares them is that we are close to rediscovery. And they know it. Even worse is that every day brings new humans to the search. First there were only a few, now there are hundreds of thousands, and that is about to turn into millions. We are damn close, and the scaly power feeders know it deep in their brittle bones.

Be the first to find the word, cry freedom, and let loose the havoc of a clear perception of reality upon the heads of men. (And a few women, lots of them are deluded by veils of illusion as well).

Up for a word hunt? We know who the scavengers are, let us find the word, and see how these fuckers really look.


clif high

April 16, 2010

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