a couple of things...

First off, remember reading in the Shape reports how a very good temporal marker would be the shift in Greece to a new form of 'city-state'?.....well, read about it forming up now at the link here at zero hedge.

So, there are a number of pending forecasts that are 'behind' the 'greek new city-state concept' in this very rich data set with all kinds of juicy chewy bites on the future. Just noting, as this is means that the [political scandal], that will [suck in (the) military], as well as [unhinge (certain minds in the) vatican] is just ahead. And it is TOTALLY related to the surrounding economic collapse and the trigger caused by the [depravity] of a very core financial 'player'.

Then, the second item is an idea for musically inclined people. Several of the major memes that will be 'breaking out' during this fall are included in the following idea.

A song and video centered on the concept of 'outside of that uniform....' with the statement ending as 'you are just one of us.'

If i were to direct the video, i would open with a view from within the new 'terror masks' that the police wear....and have a scene in which our central police character goes and does his job of brutalizing the populace for tptb and we see it from his eyes. Then he goes back to 'shelter', his squad room, and we go through the 'removal of the mask'. Then cut to ending where he is meeting his family in civilian clothes, and they are all caught up on the receiving end of his work....and we can return to the first scene and realize that our guy is brutalizing his own family and himself. Make sense?

just an idea that would produce quite a few eyeballs...? what do you think?

Me, i am about as muscially inclined as a pig. In fact less so. When i was a kid i knew a pig that my great grandfather had who was a whole lot better singer than i, so i just gave it up right there. Universe sighed in relief.



August 20, 2012

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