TimeCreep - Why Hyperchronism exists

A continuation of the concept of the [new electrics] points us toward the 1953 to 1956 [breakthrough point] for the [shadow (black ops) government/space alien reverse engineering]. At some time in those 3/three years, the [shadow world] was able to successfully establish what is known as [free energy], or [electrogravitics] as a [functional technology]. In order to explain what is occurring out-and-about, or [in the wild] as the [shadow world people] refer to universe in general, it is necessary that we take a brief excursion into [time control technologies].

Imagine that universe is an ocean in which a component of the ‘water’ is its relationship to time. Within the ocean, time is smeared more or less evenly across all of the water. Then along comes intelligence (and the occasional smart human), and technology is used to create a [magnetic bubble] in the [universe ocean (aka Dirac Sea)]. Within the [magnetic bubble] some of the ocean’s water is trapped and thus in a sense, is [isolated] and subject to influence from the bubble itself. Make sense so far?

Ok, so now the bubble still exists within the [universe ocean], and thus is still subject to the [flow of time] as is perceived by those of us also within the [universe ocean]. So in this sense, nothing is really changed, the bubble and its contents float along with the rest of the [universe ocean experiencing time]. Though, it turns out, we, which is to say, intelligence (and the occasional smart human) can use our technology to alter the properties of our bubble, that is to say, we can affect the qualities of the bubble material itself (of course we remember that it is just a magnetic containment vessel really). In our example here, what we can do is to make our bubble ‘denser’ to time, and thus restrict the amount of ‘time stuff’ that gets through the bubble’s time permeable membrane. In this case, the contents of the bubble would have ‘less time’ coming through the bubble skin, and would, while in the bubble, experience time at a much slower rate than the rest of the universe ocean. In this case, such an effect might be used to ‘slow down time’ within the bubble so that a class of chemistry students would be able to watch a chemical reaction take place in ‘slow motion’, though of course to the reaction itself, it would still be happening in ‘real time’. Confusing? Well, hang on a minute….yet another time reference…anyway, imagine that same bubble, only this time we alter the skin to concentrate lots of ‘time stuff’ inside the bubble. And this time we put radioactive waste in the middle of the bubble, say something with a nasty one million years danger span. Then we tune our bubble, and concentrate ‘time stuff’ inside it the way a magnifying lens concentrates sunlight, and within only minutes of ‘our time’ on the outside of the bubble, the radioactive decay process is complete, and the waste is then safe. Tres cool, eh?


However, of course there are tons of real universe affective side effects that need to be considered. At the moment, we are only considering a single effect, and it is what has accounted for the escalating instances of ‘hyperchronism’ that are being experienced by humans across the planet over these last few years.

Returning to our bubble, let us note a couple of points. This is NOT time travel, nor can time travel arise from this technology as the bubble is still within the universe ocean and it is still experiencing time with the rest of us. And we note that as soon as the bubble is removed, the contents are once again back in the ‘time sea’ with the rest of us. So no time travel. However, there are very seriously interesting side effects involved. One of which is that when the bubble is created, and time is altered, for a very brief instant, the contents of the bubble will, from the perspective of those of us outside the bubble, disappear. This [vanishing act] is due to the instantaneous loss of all mass, including the ability to [reflect light]. Now the really cool part is that when the contents have lost their mass, albeit extremely briefly, it is possible to have the bubble travel great distances with almost no energy being involved. This is due to the absence of any mass to have to shove about in space. Again, very cool. So merely creating the bubble (and knowing how to control it) allows for travel beyond ‘time stuff’.

Now to the matter at hand. The existence of the [hyper chronism] experience that humans are reporting across the planet. This experience is real, and is not a mental quirk nor sign of dementia. Rather the [hyperchronism] results from yet another side effect of the creation of the bubble. Many people, sailors, pilots, even hard disk drive designers are familiar with the ‘bernoulii effect’ http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/bernnew.html , in which ‘lift’ is generated by the shape of the thing that the atmosphere must pass around. Well, in the [electrogravitics] view of the world, there is also a ‘bernoulii effect’, only in this case it is the ‘lift’ effect of the ‘waters’ of the [universe ocean] having to pass around our bubble floating in it. As these ‘water molecule’ pass around the curve of the bubble, a certain ‘lensing effect’ http://physics-edu.org/lensing_effect.htm is created which in its turn is the actual causal agent that brought [hyperchronism] into existence.

As an example, let us use George Ure as our ‘water molecule’. In this case, George Ure is speeding down the empty county road near the supposedly shut down super collider in Texas. As he reaches the bend in the road, the workers underground in the super collider switch it on, and create a bubble in the time stuff of [universe ocean]. Now George and his red Mercedes are not within the bubble, but he is just within the range of the lensing effect from the bubble membrane. So as George Ure zips around the bend in the road, he is also zipping around the bend of the bubble membrane and happens to transit a distance of altered ‘time stuff’. In this example, George and his Mercedes happen to get a concentrated dose of ‘time stuff’ and George experiences [hyperchronism] as, while he travels barely a quarter mile on the road, the rest of local universe experiences nearly 2/two hours of actual time passage. So George pops out of the lensing effect a paltry quarter of a mile away, but is mentally stunned as the sun is nearly ready to set (it had been late afternoon just a perceived ‘minute’ ago!), and he has no flippin’ idea as to just what the hell has happened or where has his 2/two hours gone!?!






Of course, the [hyperchronism] could just as easily expressed the other way for George, and instead of missing 2/two hours, he could have ended up transiting a depleted layer of ‘time stuff’, in which instance he would have come ‘round the bend’ in a millisecond of perceived time, and feeling it. In this form of [hyperchronism], the impact on those within the experience is that they have no ‘missing time’, but rather that the rest of the world is what is out of kilter. It appears that they have ‘sped up’ or that the rest of the planet has gone into slow motion. They would experience several days (or more) passage of time while [external motion] becomes perceptively excruciatingly slow.

Now, let us return to the ‘real world’, and note that most experiences of hyperchronism are not that pronounced. Indeed, these episodes appear to be much ‘smaller’ in duration, feeling almost fleeting, but still within what the perceiver considers to be a ‘real world’ experience. What makes the [hyperchronism experience] a really interesting phenomena is that multiple people are frequently involved, and at multiple levels of the phenomena. As an example consider the story of the fellow going into the big box store in the SW of the USofA. The details of the where and when are not important for this example. Our experiencer, let’s call him Patrick, parks his big ass truck way out in the parking lot where it is easy to find a space. Mostly the lot is empty, the day is hot, and there are few shoppers out. Patrick gets out of this truck, turns, hits his remote locking device, and the [hyperchronism] experience begins from that point. When Patrick turns back to walk into the store, he observes casually that there are 4/four cars in the lot. He walks past the cars in the lot, and sees NO other humans whatsoever, either in the lot or exiting the store. This particular store is built in an older commercial building and has the older style of pressure mat triggered self-opening doors. Patrick stares at the door as he walks up to it, lost in thoughts about how technology has progressed. The door is closed (air conditioned store after all this is the SW on a summer afternoon) and Patrick is just about to put his foot down on the mat when the opening of the door attracts his attention. Patrick almost falls down as his brain does a major disconnect. Standing right in front of him, so close as to be breaking personal space boundaries, is a man who is just ‘suddenly there!’ between Patrick and the door, and obviously on the pressure mat with the door open. Patrick’s mere presence also so startles the other man that he walks into the door itself, bashing his head a bit, rather than the opening. Both he and Patrick more or less stumble into the store, and a brief conversation ensues in which each man tries to figure just what-the-hell-is-going-on. The other fellow tells Patrick that he could have sworn that no one was behind him, as he had had to slow down to let the woman with the stroller who was leaving the store walk between him and the door. On hearing this, Patrick turns and steps out of the store. He is met with a startling sight. There is a woman with a stroller about to get into one of the now nearly dozen vehicles in the lot. Yet, barely 1/one minute ago in Patrick’s experience of time, there were only 4/four cars and no people. Now there were over a dozen cars, and several people in the lot.








None of which makes sense to Patrick. Further, on examining his watch when he finally shakes off the hyperchronism mental effects, and completes his shopping, Patrick discovers that his watch is now nearly 12/twelve minutes slow. Hmmmmm! Something is happening here, what ain’t exactly clear. On talking with the fellow he nearly ran down in the doorway, Patrick discovers that his watch (unlike Pat’s) has gained over a half an hour. Hmmm….murkier and murkier the mud gets.



We can speculate that Patrick and the other people in that SW big box store area were subjected to the lensing effect of a transitory electrogravitics device (aka UFO), and they experienced the [time wash side effect (TWSE)] that we have labeled as [hyperchronism].

There are other devices that may also produce these [time bubbles]. Some of these are operating now in a laboratory near you (same planet is too close for comfort). These laboratories are studying [time control technology] as well as [electrogravitics] and [standing wave fields (aka torsion fields)]. Further, there are probably industrial processes already in place employing [micro time control features] {ed note: including ‘room temperature smelting’} that are also causing the [hyperchronism] effects. And let us not forget the Norway Spiral….output of a [hyper dimensional device] that may well [throw lensing effects]? Hmmmm. I wonder.


As a last note, since this is a radical linguistics site, it is recognized that our [hyper-chronism] label is also being applied to instances of [hypo-chronism]. It is however a label in this case, and not the descriptor. So mox nix, either hypo or hyper are being labeled as [hyperchronism] in these reports unless it is pertinent to the description of the effects.

Still, even with hyperchronism as a side effect, the (complex, time-like, looping) technology is out-and-about in the wild and will continue to be used. And of course, now that it has been 'wilded', can we be far away from the next reality teevee show "Extreme Time-Controlled Sports".......? Hmmmm.


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