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timetalks from days past....

... the 'active' properties of time

"...It is the life essence that is lacking in our scientific knowledge. Physics, chemistry and other exact sciences are able to accurately follow and predict the way of a dry leaf fallen from a tree and carried away by the wind, they can even write its equation of motion, but they are helpless in explaining how it had grown, how it took its shape and properties. One cannot refer to specific properties of plants, absent in unanimate nature. Living organisms cannot create things absent in nature. They can only collect and use something from the general properties of the World. Consequently, those properties must be present in the unanimate nature as well. " N.A. Kozyrev

Kozyrev spent decades investigating the the expression of the time phenomenon in nature. He was able to prove many of his thoughts about time, its essence, and what he called 'time density'.

Most of Kozyrev's work was abandoned due to the political problems affecting the USSR, and then later, the renewed modern Russia. Some of Kozyrev's work was dismissed as being irrelevant in today's world of highly discrete, digital technology, and at that level, the criticism is valid. Kozyrev's work, however exacting, was done without much of the digital assistance that we take for granted in this century. Further, many in the business of 'deep thinking' are of the opinion that 'time', in spite of being studied by Kozyrev, simply passed the man by. His time in the Soviet gulags cost him the connection to the present and the giant leaps made by science over the 1940s and beyond.

Kozyrev's investigations of time were all that he had left to him after the prison rehabilitation into the crushing intellectual poverty of soviet intellectual freedom. Kozyrev studied time in ways few men have ever thought to investigate. His experiments provided many of the postulates being used by current thinkers about time, its effects on humans, and everything.

Kozyrev did not live long enough to see the development of the machine augmented temporal collectors and distributors. Nor did he see the math that describes the closed, time-like loops he postulated must be able to be created, given some of his results in the late 1950's.

In all of his work with temporal fields, in all of his experiments, in his isolation work, in his math, in his conclusions, Kozyrev consistently runs into what he labeled as the 'active' properties of time. He went to great trouble over many years of painstaking measurement to codify and quantify these 'active' properties of time. He was able to isolate and experiment on individual 'active' properties such that he was compiling a list of these properties as part of his work towards understanding the 'mechanisms of temporal flow'.

But what one really must wonder, after reading Kozyrev's experiment journals and lab notes, did he recognize how much of what he was studying was actually consciousness science? If we read Kozyrev's equations from the perspective of consciousness his conclusions reflect current thinking that the consciousness field affects everything, in fact, IS everthing....and Kozyrev spent years codifying lots of its aspects thinking that these were the 'active' properties of time.



...Let's carve a meme, brah!

There are meme surfers, and then there are meme pirates.

They both can be a problem, especially for unwitting victims/platforms such as Google and Facebook. Both the meme surfers and the pirates are quite legitimate uses of the internet, though at levels not usually appreciated by the casual sleeple population.

i don't really want to play. Not enough time, and to be honest, not that interesting to me. At least at the player level. The strategy...that is another step up entirely. But the on-going meme piracy skirmishes are too messy, and tedious in their implemention.

First let me state i don't use google or any other search engine for my data mining. My approach was developed in the 1990s, and is too arcane, and tightly integrated with my process to abandon. This is probably why i missed the early years of the meme piracy wars.

i discovered these after a talk with David Morgan, the fellow. He is a local guy, from east of the mountains, over in the dry part of the state. We had been discussing silver, spanish language, and silver as a meme in the spanish language space of USAPop. He has some businesses percolating that required a bit of a think. In the process, and in order to demonstrate that the information was readily obtainable, i used Google to provide a quick overview search.

That is when i saw the meme surfing going the link to the advertising.

So let's take the idea at this level first:

imagine that you read my reports and saw forecasts for a big heating up of all things 'antarctica'. And imagine you were in a woo-woo business that would benefit from the concentration of minds around this meme of Antarctica, especially with the heightened emtional values brought along with the heavy woo-woo components of UFO's, ancient civilizations, current crises, and even Ice Age. Well, then the thing to do would be to think like a Wall Street trading algo and devise a strategy to 'front run' the meme. That is, to get your names/brand associated as closely as you could, in as many ways as possible, to the central core of the meme. This is meme surfing. It requires adroitness, skill, speed, and precision, and can be very profitable. As one may appreciate, in these days of the internet, meme surfing is all about the lingusitics. But, it is an avocation, and for those who don't like doing it, probably it is real hard work. Daily, even pretty continuously.

Then there is the level of meme piracy:

this is as it says, a form of piracy. In this case, of intellectual goods, and not physical cargo. The idea here is that one sees a meme developing and sets out to totally control it, either through co-opting or through destruction. The destruction methods usually involve some form of meme pollution with circuitous references back to other meme polluting pages. The co-opting is difficult, but is being attempted with increasing frequency. In this tactic, the co-opting agency employs both polluting streams, to redirect traffic away from their competition, and direct captures. In the former, they may not be able to obtain a higher search rating position, but they can lower their competition by providing pages that muddy their name and brand with all manner of tricks of language. In the latter, they overwhelm the search engine algorithms with meme related language, or at least attempt to do so. Erroneous connections are made, attempts to derail competition with dirty tricks are tried, and such general mean spirited focus that the term piracy is employed.

The new tactic of meme piracy that i happened to capture with my particular search is very interesting, and involves the use of 'influencers' within social media to 'plow the field' of the search engine before the meme gets to the level required. So, complex to implement, but simple to explain.

A business or group can create a fertile field for a meme by employing a network of cooperative influencers on the social media. It is merely necessary to study their linguistic clues, find the words one wishes to have them propagate throughout the media, and then send the influencers the proper 'bait'. Then the ideas get spread by repetitious exposure from the influencers at all levels until the media space becomes saturated with the words required, along with their link to your brand. The HRC election campaign attempted a small aspect of this with Casey Neistat an internet fabulous Youtuber, with dismal results, and much blow back. Their approach was brutish, and that does not work in this space.

As an example, say you had a book coming out about all things 'pies' in the USAPop. Employing this technique, you would have influencers spreading your pie discussion ahead of the release of the book. Further, you would plow the field of the search engines in the days, weeks ahead of the book's first publicity by using repetitious forms of influencer bait on the social media. The 'influencer network' you create would be social engineered into spreading your words linked to your brand under their brand. Done well, this would have millions of potential links in support of your book ready before it hits the selves for sale. In the search engine world, this matters....a whole lot.

Obviously such an approach is a long term plan. This could be months in the making, but perhaps mere days for the implemenation. The idea is to have the search engines primed with your landing pages firmly attached to the meme at many different linguistic levels prior to use, then to harmonize with the maturation of the trend at the point that the meme goes viral. From that point forward, you alter the landing pages to harvest the business as required by the maturation of the meme.

In many ways, this form of a business campaign harkens back to the 1930s, and the 'wild cat classified ads' campaigns that were so successful in that era. Now, obviously, with the larger populations, the internet, global reach, better knowledge of the linguistics, et cetera, the potential for returns are indeed staggeringly huge. Thus the new cohort of mega internet fabulous internet marketing niches, and their new millionaires.

These meme pirates may become a problem overtime, both for the search engine folks, and for those of us who just want to line in, grab a bit of the tube, and carve up a breaking meme. You know.. all us meme surfers, dude!



Woo-woo saves the world!~

Woo-woo is all the strange people and stuff that is 'officially denied', 'totally ignored', 'actually unknown', and 'so far out we have not even started to imagine it yet'.

For all of us in the woo-woo business, it feels odd to walk about on this planet, especially these days. It feels odd because for the first time in most of our lives as woo-woo people, we feel like the 'straights'. That is, we are the ones feeling grounded, embraced, and connected to reality.

This is not our usual state of being.

For most of our woo-woo lives, we are the outsiders; the people so far beyond the fringe that we are mostly unable to make contact with the reality shared amongst humanity. We truly labor at the very disturbing edges of collective consensus reality. This has proven to be a dangerous place to work, especially over this last century. Many have been set drifting off into woo-woo by the forces of universe and personal karma never to surface again.

We are still laboring under harsh conditions in woo-woo, so we have not time to eulogize, merely note the passing and keep on with work.

Universe insists on this.

In passing, please note that from those of us beyond the acceptable fringe, we certainly do choose the woo-woo life at some point...that is, we make a personal commitment to a life of it. But note, most of us only come to this acceptance after years of struggle and hardship trying to reconcile to the collectively shared reality. Woo-woo is not the choice of those who have a choice, it is only chosen by those with no choice. Woo-woo guys will get that. All struggle, all pain is equal, even that which is denied by others has value to those who endure and grow from it. The point of this dissertation is not to laud our suffering, individually or collectively, but rather to focus on our new calling from universe.

Universe provides us all with exactly what is required in this life. At all levels, individually, and collectively, universe sets out the tasks, but also provides ALL the tools required for its successful completion. This includes us, all the woo-woo humans, created by universe at this point in time. If you are in woo-woo, you get this. We are here, now, because we are needed.

Universe is like that. It provides the challenging problem against which we may train our minds, and forge our wills, and reveal our character. It also provides all the woo-woo necessary to get the job done.

So here we are... we have to clean up after the last 150 years of subtle warfare and occupation. The global economy is screwed, every piece of the planet that can possibly be covered in debt is so covered. Every exploit has been tried, and they are all failing as the system itself is a mess built around lies so deep it takes a human years of work just to grasp the scope of it. Our world has been occupied by a banking system incapable of sustaining itself, but certainly capable of killing us all as it thrashes around in its dying. The banking system has eaten everything...politics, military, entertainment, education, health, and even the state of well being of the planet itself.

No human system on earth remains unpolluted.

The 'sleeple' as they are called in the woo-woo world, the greater mass of humanity, is stirring, and no wonder. Now, as the 'sleeple' shift in their dreams, creating chaos with the planned strategies of the elites, the greater mass of humanity is waking precisely because things are so screwed up that the peaceful slumber is no longer possible. The various bodies of humanity are ill. The social body, the food body, the political body....all and more are suffering the dis-ease that has been too long in place, causing the bodies to rebel.

A healthy humanity capable of facing an uncertain future only is possible from a grounded view of reality.

All of the problems besetting our world now can be solved. Universe provides everything we need for each, every, and all the challenges it presents. The problem we all face as humans individually and collectively, is our perception of where we are, the challenge of the moment, and the selection of tools available for use.

Our immediate problems need only be understood at the appropriate level for a solution to present itself. Of course, easier said than done. As we know, the 'straights' have been unable to wrest out any solutions from their view of reality. We have tried all the failed approaches offered by banksters, lawyers, doctors, and professors. All have failed. Obviously, or we would not be facing the collective mass of banking, political, medical, environmental, military, and existential problems that we now face.

Those in woo-woo recognize that we are where we are precisely due to the path we took to get here. We know that the straights will never accept the woo-woo solutions offered by universe except under the most dire of circumstances where everything else has failed. A lot of this as to do with their view of reality, and some has to do with the relinquishing of presumed personal power over life that comes as one realizes that to swim, in water or woo-woo, one must let go the edge deliberately.

So we are there now.

Crises abound, conflict is escalating, climate is changing, banks will be failing, people will be starving, all forcing humans to turn against humans in their frustration at not seeing a path ahead.

Even worse comes.

We in woo-woo can see this progression. Enough of the sleeple have some sense of the developing course of events that they have turned over in their sleep and crushed the latest globalist agenda. That is how bad things really are.

The woo-woo world has seen this coming while working mightily to shift the path of the rolling boulder away from the village. All our years of work have not prevented us from being here now, but they have not been in vein either. Universe would train and harden its warriors for the battles ahead. It would scar us in big and small ways that we may take the next blow easier, recover faster, and reply harder. We have been scared, burned, beaten, and hammered by years of abuse from universe.

Yet we remain.

Universe has a purpose for everting created here. Any person stating that universe creates 'junk' in any form is confirming only their small view of reality, and narrowness of awareness. Universe has a purpose for us all.

Universe will have woo-woo save the world.

We know how to recover a healthy global economy that can be sustained for centuries. We know how to cope with the changes affecting all of the planets and the sun. We know how to cooperate with the earth in its growth. We know how to restore health and vitality to the bodies of humanity. We know how to educate humans to be able to look at universe in all its splendor and terror without fear.

We know how to engineer a sustainable reality.

The consensus reality is dying. Even the sleeple demonstrate that they know we need a new reality. The breakdown of the old is always a period of struggle and hardship, but without a vision of the reality ahead, it can be also a fatal time for a civilization.

New secrets to be revealed soon will prove this point.

Without a collective understanding of where we are going, we will not reach a goal. The collective vision of globalism shoved down our throats these last 100+ years is dying. As have the many other civilizations that have reached this same point of dysfunction here on this planet. They all died, ignoring their woo-woo of that day, and now we are continually tripping over all their ruins.

Woo-woo saves humanity.

Universe does not make junk. That includes all the people in the woo-woo world. Universe created woo-woo precisely because it is needed. If you are in the woo-woo 'business', get ready, it is going to be a busy few years.

Yes, we really do know the elegant solutions to our collective problems. Just ask your neighborhood woo-woo human. Watch out, some of us do bite, but if you don't kick at us, we will respond politely, and with practical solutions provided by universe that you have been unable to see until we point them out. Not your fault you can't see them. Universe did not make you that way, and even for us in the business, it takes years of work, sometimes decades, to discern the woo-woo treasures within the pile of obscuring bullshit heaped there by the dying of old consensus realities.

Got woo-woo?



timetalks....... Some thinking about the Mandela Effect

It, the Mandela Effect, is real. Even if it is not what we think it may be.

So, at the level of a phenomenon manifesting in our universe now, the Mandela Effect is real.

Of course, the problem arises when we ask, 'what is it?'.

It could be an instance of collective bad (wrong) memory, that we all happen to be able to discuss as we have the internet which allows it to build to a certain amount of emotional energy thus becoming a 'self feeding meme' as new people discover it.

It could be some form of distortion in our memory, both individually, and collectively, now being discovered and discussed. That is, the memory may be altered by some force external to bodies.

It could be that history, the remnants of duration through time, and the artifacts thereof, have or are actually being altered by some force external to, and independent of our memories.

It could be that the nature of time is actually altered, and the past itself is/has/was changed, thus propagating the effect into its future, our present now, where we pick it up, and discuss it.

However, in all instances, what is key is what is not being discussed as an intrinsic element of the Mandela Effect, in fact, this is its defining characteristic: it does not affect all people.

This is to say, it is somewhat selective in that not all people are experiencing it. If we think about it, this is what is actually required for the Mandela Effect to exist, that is, there have to be some people to say 'What The Fuck?!?'.

Obviously, if we all had the same memory, changed or not, no Mandela Effect. It is only when your memory differs from what is now expressing in the collective memory we call recent history, that the Effect arises. If we all had the 'effect' of thinking we had bad memory, then the Mandela Effect would be classified as a strange, global, humanity affecting, instance of everyone having a wrong memory of a particular instance in the past. Certainly cause to investigate that sort of an effect, just as strange in its own way as our current Mandela Effect.

However, what we have is a case of contention around both the memories and the effect. There are large parts of the population that experience the Mandela Effect, and large parts that do not, and are wondering, "oh-oh, what the hell is going on with Suzy (Bobby, Ralph, Janette...)?". These people do not have either the 'wrong memory' component, nor, and much more critical here, the 'emotional trigger' to the memory that causes the person to feel the Mandela Effect. You see from this discussion so far that the Mandela Effect is more than just something happening to time, it is also clearly something happening to humans, and their consciousness, including their links to their memories.

In thinking about the Mandela Effect from this perspective of assuming it is real, even if only as a collective mass psychosis, points out some interesting thoughts. If is is real as in our thought experiment in so assuming, what are its parameters? What can be used to define the Mandela Effect? Even if only as a mass social, internet sustained, mental aberration? Are there things that can be learned from examining the details of the Mandela Effect?

Well, to the last, i would say yes. There are interesting conclusions that can be drawn from examining the Mandela Effect as a phenomenon. One notes in such an examination, that the Mandela Effect is mostly reported in the english language, mostly in North American variants, excepting there is a large, and growing amount being reported in Mexican variants of Spanish. Further, this leads to an examination of the reports of the appearance of the M. Effect itself, which yields an instant observation that most of the reports of the effect appear to be coming from North America, and that those not coming from N. America, are still within the larger boundaries of the 'english speaking world'.

So, interesting. Then we can plot the where of the reports of the effect. Please note that this is plotting where the people are who are reporting the effects, not the places they are reporting about within their description of their encounter with the Mandela Effect. We also find that these reports are both North American, and english dominant locales. Then, narrowing down the reports, we find that the Mandela Effect is NOT evenly spread across North America. Rather there are some geographic centers that can be described as big areas of influence.

As an instance, lots of reports of the Mandela Effect in Hollywood movies. And TV shows that originated out of southern California. But note, no instances of Mandela Effect in Bollywood, or Shanghai, nor Australian movies.

Another 'hot spot' for the effect can be loosely described as the 'bible belt' of the southeast and Gulf Coast states and Mexico. Lots of reports of the 'changes' in their bible as it is seen within these areas. Further, no Mandela Effect in other christian areas, nor reports of problems with their bibles, nor the appearance of the emotional side of the Mandela Effect.

Without going into further details, suffice it so say that the Mandela Effect can be shown to be limited by geography, and from that geography comes the language specific nature of the effect.

Another very interesting aspect of the Mandela Effect is that one is able to plot against the geographic areas where the Mandela Effect has arisen, and indeed is even growing, the placement, and operation of 'Quantum computers', most noteworthy, the D-Wave machines. These are produced in Vancouver, BC, Canada (yes, a hot spot for the Effect), and are currently being installed and operated in southern California, and Texas by NASA. Some other firms such as Google are involved in the use of these devices.

The D-Wave machines are not the only quantum computers operating, and the others in the NE states, and at some select locations also correlate strongly to reports of the Mandela Effect. While not an exhaustive survey by any stretch of the imagination, i am confident that the conclusion that the operations of Q-Bit powered chips is a part of the effect at least at the level of geographic correlation. Thus is worth investigating further.

So i was wrong in thinking that the LHC was a causal factor alone. It may be that the Q-Bit machines are acting as causal agents, or concentrating filters, or any one of many other possibilities. The LHC is certainly screwing around with the consciousness field, but in this instance, the Q-Bit based processors seem to be playing a very large role in the appearance of the Mandela Effect, though please note, they may not be causing it so much as 'enabling' it to appear where it does. Quantum stuff is just not easy to mentally model for most of us, so 'cause and effect' maths have many variants.

In any event, the take away from this thinking, and please examine the idea yourself, is that we may be able to watch the Mandela Effect spread with the introduction of new Q-Bit machines. For instance, if they fire up one in Bollywood, and thereafter their movies start showing the effects, well... that would be a big HMMMM?!?

There are many other thoughts that arise from this thinking about the Mandela Effect and its meaning for humanity as we go forward as the effect itself is very definitely real.

And growing....


clif high

January 21, 2017

...half past spleen time

September 8 2016

You've been in that meeting so long you can count the threads in the upholstery in the impression in the back of your thighs. Your body aches, gripes, and shifts you every few seconds. The room is hot, the delivery boring, the attention span so long gone it deserves it's own obituary, and now something serious is going on down the upper gut area. The noises alone are alarming!

The whole of the morning is pushing you down down down deeper into that pillow of numbness that once was your butt all the while you wonder just what it is that is keeping you from jumping up and screaming at the top of your lungs to release some of the mind melting frustration building up in your body threatening to pop the eyes right out of your head.

Of course the eyes don't pop out of your head, your butt does recover feeling, and the meeting grinds to a halt a few minutes after 10:00am relieving you of the screaming agony of bad chairs, poor air, and trying to remember just what that fellow was blabbing on about.

Though you won't be aware of it at the time, all your problems arise from some person's erroneous idea that all hours of the day are equal, at least for such things as business meetings. This idea is a direct outgrowth of the allopathic understanding of the body as a 'biological machine'. This is a wrong understanding of the body, and it's relationship to the broader world.

The body is not a machine and numb butts prove it!

Your body is a highly complex nexus of overlapping energies that are all working to maintain a harmonious relationship to the grander whole. These overlapping energies have daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cycles. Each slightly different, one from the other, but each equally important to the function of the body as a whole. As a thinking individual interested in peak performance potential perpetually available, it makes a lot of sense to learn the cycles of the body and to harmonize our activities with them. Much more relaxed levels of high achievement are possible within the 'harmony context'.

To guide you in your harmony efforts, i have provided a graphic of the body's organ clock.




Sept 2, 2016

....sense time

Humans have many many relationships with time. Most are discretely separate, and not mutually exclusive. In fact, most are contradictory to each other, but that is what makes the human a self-contained, walking party-of-three.

Yes, humans are triune beings at several different levels. The most 'dense' level is that of the matter that composes our bodies and through which our consciousness must work in this matterium.

At the level of the matterium, e.g. where 'matter' exists, humans are composed of 'body-mind', 'emotion mind' and 'ambition mind'. We all live in all three minds continuously, but at any given moment, one of the three will be the more dynamic, and thus appear dominant.

Women spend more time in emotion-mind, rules by the nerves, than men. Men spend more time in ambition-mind, ruled by the hormones in the blood, than women. Both spend about the same time in body-mind.

A curious observation is that the greater 'body' of humanity aggregates the collective sums of our 'mind state' and expresses it. While the collective sum of our mind-state reacts much as does a single person, the mind-state of humanity does not move as rapidly as does the individual. Thus we seem to be in 'phases' of emotional/ambition/body dominance that can persist for years.

Any given individual will be ahead or behind or in sync with humanity in the 'mind state'. Many people are able to sense the shifting collective mental movements, and thus will be seen by their fellows as 'lucky' or possessing of 'good timing'. It is really neither, but is rather that such individuals are responding to their 'time flavor sense' on the non-material plane. Many are totally unaware that they are doing so. These people will frequently agree that they are 'lucky'. Such people are lucky, but not as they conceive it. They are lucky in the meaning that their consciousness progress has favored them in this life.

I have met many such 'time sensers'. There are very few who recognize why they are as they are. Most are 'lucky', and take it at face value. In my observation, these really 'lucky' time-flavor-sensors' all, without exception, respond to the 'time clues' that their body-mind sends across. Most of us get these signals. Most do not recognize what they are receiving....they just react to these invaluable time clues from their body mind by merely scratching the itch on their palm.


September 1, 2016

...time was

(excerpted from SpaceGoatFarts section, upcoming September report due out on the 4th ..thought to get this out there...for the historical record...)

While there have been hints of 'time laboratories accidents' for a number of years, and then in 2015 the data sets started pointing to a 'summer event', likely in Europe, in which 'cafe patrons' would be 'time hosed', resulting in some serious level of distress to the people involved. In 2016, there were a number of new growth areas in the meme, and then a decided emotional shift to immediacy data sets that seemed to indicate that reports of the time accident would be manifesting this year. New data has appeared in new areas in those sets. Further, there have been a number of 'real world' incidents relating to CERN's LHC and claims that it is 'affecting time'.

To recap, it should be noted that the forecasts of the 'cafe patrons' being 'temporally disturbed' language is indeed appearing. It would appear that my idea of the 'scope' of the incident was way too small. The data forecast language with very specific emotional parameters, I screwed up in the interpretation as the language has, and is, manifesting as a major sub set of the Mandela Effect meme. Within this meme there are claims that Nelson Mandela was dead in prison in the late 1970s and now is not. Please see my 'timetalks' discussion about how this came about. However, the 'uncorrected history/false memory mistake' within the Mandela effect notwithstanding, there are indeed, accurate, and evidence backed reports of time being 'off kilter', or 'strange' or 'changed'. As with much of the woo-woo world (think UFO's), there are vast amounts of nut-job reports, strange and unverifiable stories, mistaken impressions, and a few cases where actual evidence exists. We are there now. There are sub sets of the general Mandela effect such that, if investigated, you will find physical evidence that does point to history not being what it once was, or rather, history now, not necessarily being history in the future. Stated another way just to muddy the temporal looping, it would seem that there exists physical evidence that some changes have been made to our current understanding of what has happened in the past.

So just to be clear. There is NO evidence that any 'thing' has been moved through time, forward or past. But there are clear clues that there are divergent memorial path lines within our understanding of history and that we do have physical evidence to support this idea.

As an example without going into the details, there are reports of the car in which JFK was assassinated being a 4 seat versus a 6 seat car. Note that the conspirators had the car destroyed, the day of the assassination, before even sending JFK's body back to DC. Again, there now exists photographic evidence for both, or rather, for either, actually being the case in history. Is it a condition of 'bad reporting that has crept into the historical record? No support for that position, and plenty of support for the idea that the images are each historically 'accurate'.

There are many other such examples, and it appears that this will become a 'growing trend' as our data sets are forecasting yet more 'time glitches' or 'temporal accidents', or even 'perceptual temporal crinkles'!

Time was humans did not have to consider...time was humans did not have to consider...time was


Aug 31, 2016

...time crawls

Time marches on, ever the same, while everything else changes due to time.

People change, individually, generationally. Their words change.

We used to crawl as infants. we crawled through the mud as children playing games (used to, no longer, times change), we crawled to the porcelain altar when spirits would take our legs, we crawled as a species all across the face of the planet. Those were the days of our youth.

Now we crawl with serious intent. Google crawls so fiercely that it drives new meaning in to speed. Their spyder are crawling so hard against time and the ever persistent growth of new web pages that new words are being invented daily to quantify and qualify the impact of their crawling on our species.

Google's crawling drives hundreds of millions of people in their daily work. Many will spend the greater part of their working lives scheming to get Google to crawl their pages a bit longer, a bit deeper, with a bit more tenderness. Many of these people will curse Google when it does not happen.

No matter what you may think of Google, you would not want to be in their giant shoes. Oh, i know, you say, what about the money, fame, plushy toys, free coffee....yes, all well and good, and true, but all it takes is a moment's contemplation to see what is hidden under Google's mask. Total, complete, to the core, freaking desperation!


All because of you bastards! You just won't stop creating web pages. Every damn day, tens of hundreds of millions of new ones! All needing to be crawled and indexed and sorted and ranked and searched! Oh! The humanity!

It never stops. Google knows it, and it breeds desperation. That is what is hidden beneath their happy Googler faces! We scare them! Every day, more humans create more pages, and every day there are yet more humans! All of it needing crawling! Desperately!

The Horror of it ALL!

Yet it will very soon get worse! That is correct! If you can imagine it, soon there will be machines creating web pages, web sites, mysql entries, and databases..all for other machines! But this will also mean a whole new layer for the internet that provides human to machine generated connections. The horror!

An order of magnitude increase is coming in our ability to produce content all of it needing to be crawled.

Are we not thankful that time crawls for us? Not like Google, they have to crawl time, millisecond by millisecond.



Aug 30, 2016 day at a time

History is built retroactively. The lights, drama, and frequently most of the action is all post-production work. History post-production takes a long time. Most of history, even the extremely accurate accounts, are wrong, in almost all the particulars. According to those who live it.

Like us. You, me, everyone you see around who is human is living in this now, and making history.

Not that we usually think about our role in building someone else's history. Yes, that's correct. All the history that you create, will be owned, written, massaged, and run through endless post production over who can say how many centuries? With digital technology not only is there surety of actual information, there is endless opportunity for it to be polluted. Oh, well, a blaster points both ways!

So you will never see the final production of all of the history that you are making. Not that your seeing it is even within the definition of history...oh, had you thought of that? That you may not have an understanding of what really is history? Few of us do without considering that ALL of history is only someone in the future recounting their garbled version of that incredible thing that you did to participate in universal change this day.

Now, what was that again? That incredible thing that you did?

Oh, gotcha'. So later, then?

Txt me about it.

Aug 29, 2016

...walking time

i spent time in Europe when i was a kid.

This was before the EU. It was before the European Community. It was a different time.

i spent time in Europe when i was a kid. i speak about those years as though i had spent them in prison. In some regards, that is exactly the situation. As a military dependent, and army brat, your actions are constrained by circumstance much more than your contemporaries.

Part of the constraints was the need for adults to fill every waking hour with some form of 'cultural experience'. Usually this meant being hauled around in buses with loads of other bored, frustrated kids also sentenced to the prison of filling time with cultural experience.

An awful lot of that cultural experience was touring monasteries, castles, and museums, many of which were housed in monasteries, or castles. i soon learned, trudge through one old stone ruin of a castle, and you have seen them all.

Cold, drafty, dark, and small. The rooms were small because all the people were small. The people were small because they did not have much of the right stuff to eat. In spite of being under fed, they built all the castles and monasteries out of stone. Not brick, stone. Big chunks. More or less squared up, and stacked up with or without mortar or trash.


Yes, many of these places had less than skookum stone work. They used trash, and pebbles, and bones, and all manner of rubble to fill in what their lack of skill created. After all, the people were under fed, smaller, probably mostly pissed off because of the poor food, and the really gnarly conditions, so basically i doubt they gave a fart whether the brick they were working was square or not. Let's not forget, most of these people were serfs, which is just a spin away from slave.

So the work was shoddy. But that did not stop them from building the things to last. So through my youth in Europe, i was walking on stairs that had been trod for hundreds of years. Some of the buildings being over 500 years old then. And older still today. Time keeps creeping, creeping along.

Time leaves evidence of its creeps. i observed this evidence walking all those old stone steps in those old stone buildings.

All the stairs were worn down. Some in monasteries were hollowed out by thousands of plodding feet (you ever see monks hustle?) scraping off micro flake amounts of stone on leather, or bare feet, every hour of every day for hundreds of years. First by monks, then by tourists.

Time does not wear on stone. Humans do. Soft, squishy, humans.

Don't let the bastards grind you down! Lots of old Latin sayings mostly not legible carved in old worn stone. We humans are the bastards in that statement.

Given even the smallest chance...we will wear you down. Evidence is all around you, under your feet.

And don't even get me started on the cathedrals....seen one buttressed arch, and ....

Aug 27, 2016

... success time

You don't have mind space, only mind time. In the middle of last century, when the advertising business was just getting funding under its use of the new, more time sensitive media, the metphor used to be 'visual real estate'.

Billboards, storefront and road side signs had all led to a real estate metphor for advertising.

After all, you actually had to have the real estate to put up the sign, or billboard or storefront. It made sense, until radio and telelvision commercial advertising came along. Here you were buying time. Not real estate, though the metaphor continued as humans are creatures of habit.

When you bought time for broadcast advertising, it came in two types, the duration you were purchasing, then the timing of that exposure. The people who sold these time units always referred to the exposure, but that was just a guess on their part, so they really were selling the time. True it was an educated guess, supported by many statistics about who may be in that potential exposure, but if you were an advertiser in those decades, you were buying time, and really hoping the exposure would be profitable. So it was time they really sold at the broadcast media. It would slip out in their language. The ad reps constantly referred to it as 'time slots' and 'minutes for pennies'. As their customer, you were buying time. In little tiny slices.

In the early days of the internet, you bought eyeballs!

The advertising platforms of the early days of the net focused on selling 'eyeballs' or the presumed looking at the material presented by a human...all of which very rapidly evaporated as the 'click bait' era took off and advertisers could not be sure that a human was seeing the millions of 'eyeballs' that they were paying for with very large bags of money. This period was the last, and dying gasp, of the 'broadcast media'.

You are now the center of the world!

The media evolution along with the internet has brought us to the era of personalized presentation where advertisers are paying for 'impressions', and 'conversions', and 'click-throughs', and 'behaviors' at an individual person level. So rather than buy time, you are now buying 'human responses'.

You don't even have to pick a time!

The new processes of the planet allow the individual to chose when the advertising is delivered to them. This is to say that if you are up at 2am, then you are also able to be exposed to the advertising as easily as any other time. So time of presentation is no longer a descision. Advertisers no longer have to pick the time of the exposure.

Of course there will be mega-pan-global successes!

It stands to reason, given the computer support at every level of the business world that we will have individuals rise to define new levels of mega-pan-global success. These will be the people who will be able to understand that humanity is now permanently in a 'period of transition' as we will be continually integrating new forms of technologic advance into the social order that will change the social order thus inducing more technology change and thus more need for integration....

You woke into this world today!

Whether you realized it when you went to sleep, you now know that your world has changed and will keep changing the rest of your life at an increasing rate. In such a world, the smart human is the one who recognizes that there is only ONE commodity worth having, but it does not pay off in kind. Of course it is time.

She who profits, is she who invests every bit she gets.

....invest all of yours wisely.




Aug 26, 2016

...quantum time

There are all kinds of strange stories, ideas, notions, and theories floating around in the woo-woo part of humanity. This includes what is called the Mandela Effect. This is understood to be a strangeness in time where events of the past are being wiped out and replaced by other events, almost in 'real time'.

The name comes from Nelson Mandela. The story goes that Nelson Mandela died in a prison in South Africa in the 1970s. It happened, or so claim the millions of people who remember reading about it in the media of the day. Or hearing about it on radio or television. Being a fellow who is interested in time, i have been following the progress of the Mandela Effect meme for a few years now. i can tell you a few things about the Mandela Effect from my research.

The Mandela Effect is bogus! It is NOT true!

But it is NOT false either. Here is the situation. The effect of time being wonky and things not as we remember them is a valid understanding...but it is not what happened with the Nelson Mandela part of this.

It was Stephen Biko who died in prison in the 1970s.

Only he didn't. Stephen Biko was assassinated on September 12, 1977, in Pretoria, South Africa. Once the story broke however, things took a rather bizarre turn in that many news outlets of the day were reporting that the nearly equally famous Nelson Mandela had been assassinated. Only Nelson Mandela was in prison, so foreign editors supplied this information such that we all thought he had been assassinated by the prison! So, at the time, the South African government was put into the incredible position of actually having to validate that Nelson Mandela was still alive due to the large number of erroneous reports of his death which were all triggered by the actual death of Stephen Biko. But were the wrong impressions cleared up in all the millions of minds that heard about Nelson's death? Probably not, judging by the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect is still valid!

At least insofar as time and history being wonky, even if not about Nelson Mandela. It is now a situation of the 'time and history being wonky relative to memories of large numbers of people' situation has now become known as the Mandela effect and likely nothing is going to change this label. Sigh, it is similiar to my ALTA reports being known as 'web bots'. Once labeled, forever tagged.

Time is still going wonky!

The main theme of the meme of the Mandela Effect is, in my opinion, still valid. At several levels, i can find evidence (note, not proof, just hints) that we are indeed living through something quite extra ordinary insofar as how time operates through us humans. This period began for me in 2011 when i had the first of the 'time flutters' seem to go through my 'web bots system'. Since then there have been a few incidents that i have mentioned publicly of time being 'disturbed' that was at least able to be picked at some level up by people such that it showed up in my data mining. i will not take your time to detail the other instances of wonky time and memories also bound up in the label Mandela Effect as they can be searched.

i think i can identify the culprits!

First of course we have to implicate Cern and their Large Hadron Collider for all the reasons cited in all the older timetalks, but we also now need to include the fellows at D-Wave who are claiming to be building computers that operate in parallel dimensions (maybe, sort of) for at least part of their computing cycle.

Because the D-Wave computer people are clueless!

In my opinion, the D-wave computer people are completely clueless about life, universe, humanity, and even what their own machine is doing. There is evidence of this in the words of the chief architect and mouthpiece for D-Wave, Eric Ladizinsky. After listening to this fellow talk, and seeing him demonstrate how much he does not know about this reality, i do not trust his ideas on any alternate realities.

More reverse engineered Space Alien technology?

D-Wave computers do work at a higher level of vibration, from what i can ascertain from public images and discussions of the technology. The chips at the heart of the D-Wave computers do not work as their builders are suggesting, however, and given the words of the spokespeople from D-Wave, i don't think that anyone there is willing to admit that they don't quite understand what it is that they have done.

It probably does not matter!

If i am correct about D-Wave qubit quantum chip, when they ramp the critter up a bit, certain vibratory effects are felt as the universal pulse has to accommodate this new, temporary, but very violent, increase in the complexity component of the matter at that nexus. This will mean that 1) the qubit chip will become increasingly unstable as more power is put into it; 2) that the time effects will ripple outward further with power increases up to the point of an instability 'reflection', or 'temporal echo' develops which may be perceived physically by those in the presence of the machine as a 'field effect' palpable to the skin and bones; 4) will likely result in a 'barrier' within the chipset as the power increases, so will a 'quantum level resistance' not anticipated nor understood; 5) this should lead to great huge spikes of instant power consumption, then virtually no power being used, then more power, but huge amounts of heat. As the D-Wave machine goes forward into real deployment, and gets beyond G2 level problems, we can expect to witness very large changes on the planet.

It is not the D-Wave computer tossing time like a salad!

In our data we show a huge technology leap forward for humanity that really gets rolling in late 2019. The D-Wave computer and its cousins will be the propellant for the innovation wave up coming, but first we have to get beyond the 'time twisting' which may be 'augmented' or directed by the D-Wave, but i am quite convinced is being powered by the LHC.

So, as we sit here and feel our memories draining away or being altered, with no longer a firm anchor on reality, are we just left to wonder what the hell quantum time is it anyway?


Aug 25, 2016

..crying time for the kiddies

There are a lot of very rich young people out and about on the internet. Some of the richest are the gamers. At the top of the heap these 'gaming kids' are under 20 and are buying new houses for their parents, big mansion houses. They also are paying great wads of cash for (and wrecking) very expensive cars.

That's right, so rich they can crash a Lamborgini before age 20!

..then go out and get a new one the next week. This is a group of young people of all nationalities, genders and basic what-nots, who are all rich because they play video games. That's correct, they play video games for a living. There are indications that there once was some really fantastic money to be made playing video games.

That's right, i said 'once was'...

Don't get me wrong, it's not that i don't like video games, i just came into technology as a programmer, so i can appreciate the coding that goes into a video game, even if the appeal of the game does not grab me. For the same reason i can't gamble on slots...because it is software on the other side of the screen. But, being a mind out-and-about for experience, i dove into the gaming world to see what i had been, not the games, i still don't get those.

i was after something else from the gamers.

Rather it was the culture and the feelings and language expressesed that i was seeking by swimming amongst the gamers. Much like any focus of humans, get enough of us interested in any given point of the matterium and a whole slew of new language will arise as we seek desperately to express all this 'newness' that just must come out. Same with gamers, they have their own world, and their own language. Of course, being young, and part of the in-demand demographic, their new language has been crushing it, and so we find new expressions from the gaming world as the advertising hot lingo of the times.

Gamers were good for the bot work.

i also came across a few youtube videos of a few gamers.

i watched these in total incomprehension!

The video consisted of a screen of a game that was playing, and a voice track along with the other sound tracks from the game. i was dumbfounded! This video i watched had no humans in it! Only renderings from the game and the voices of several of the players. It had over 54 thousand views. It was not alone. There were hundreds of such videos...hour upon hour of game play with sounds, that is all! Staggeringly, these videos had hundreds of thousands of views! Some had several millions! i could have been taken down by ukemi from a moth!

Ok, so i am old!

But what, i wondered, was the attraction to watching someone else play a video game?!? This was worse than watching sports on television!

i was not alone!

As i researched the subject and delved into the gaming world, i came across just what i had thought, even the hard core gamers could only watch just so much of someone else's game play. You could see this in the view numbers for the genre when plotted over time.

Their core audience is very media sophisticated, and over saturated. They apparently went for these gaming videos in a fad fashion that persisted long enough for some of the gaming stars to get a real taste of success.

Sadly, their success soon faded.

Their audience, jaded by mere time and exposure, grew distant. The video gaming kings numbers dropped. Slowly at first, but then the view rates and the money they generated started dropping like the virtual dead in the games they played.

Only this was real money disappearing!

So, the gaming culture kings adapted. Just recently, we have seen the move pretty much across the whole of the genre to the 'game rage' mode where they deliberately assualt and antagoize each other for the drama that is added by bringing their real lives into the videos. This has worked remarkably well, views, and income are back up.

So, for now, anger makes the gamers smile!

But for how long? Even the best histrionics and threats of beatings, court suits, car crashes will only keep the interest of the audience for a very brief time. All of the drama is just drama created for the sake of the drama, and the audience for the gaming kings will once again fade as fashion dictates ever seeking the shock of the new.

How will the gamers react?

To once again shrinking audiences and advert revenues? Of course, like good humans, they will adapt, and go on. We can be sure of that, these are resilient humans, driven by need for money, or fame, or ? but still, driven to seek it yet more.

They will start crying...

is my thinking. After anger the best draw is shared pain and suffering. So pretty soon i expect it will be crying time in the gaming culture. At that point, if you see crying showing up in gaming videos, you can be quite assured, scripted gaming soap operas are next.

It could happen. Once a whole generation was sucked into caring about imaginary charaters in imaginary towns on a mostly imaginary planet. It could happen again. After all, humans seem determined to make everthing old new again time after time after time....



Aug 24, 2016

...human time

i get some of my best ideas doing the dishes. No, not shoving the dirty dishes into a machine, but the repetitive task of picking up by hand each dish, and washing, then rinsing it.This is way old school stuff by the way, as the ancient taoists had a great saying, 'man who does not do own dishes has lost touch with reality'.

The reason is simple. Our bodies are built to be brain-eye-hand coordination machines. Universe designed us that way. Thus washing dishes subsumes parts of the biology into a useful task that as a side benefit, free's the mind from the constant demand of the body. Any repetitive motion action can be used for the same purpose. In my youth, i would ride my bicycle when i hit programming problems. Same effect, brain-eyes-hands involved, only no clean dishes.

The brain-eye-hand connection is so powerful, that without these connections as infants, the brain will not mature properly. As a species we are certainly greater than the sum of our parts, but we do need them all.

Mind time is not easy to find these days. Many of our technologies have a tendency to work against our biology, as though trying to force an evolutionary path unsuited to our design. Probably to the alien reverse-engineered technology that is at the heart of all of our new gadgets.

If, while washing your dishes, you give your mind the space, it can draw you a picture of the nature of technology from 1950s onward as we first capture it, then analysed it, then started reverse engineering it. We can see the progression from the very crude devices that did very little in the way of brain-eye-hand coordination all the way to the current pinnacle of human achievement, the game console. No, just joking, but for the purposes of our gnawing on universe, the game console is indeed a pinnacle of expression. It is proof that we have not only captured the alien technology, we have conquered it. We have altered it to fit our biology. It is not an 'accident' of the technology that computers now fit in our hands.

The biological imperative will always come to dominate, though not necessarily rapidly. Biology, long dismissed by technocrats as soon to be dominated by technology, to be subsumed to the 'singularity', to be disdainfully replaced by Borg-ness, is winning.

The biological imperative is just that, a bent, a leaning, a constant flow that never lets up.

This is why i think trans-humanism is a really funny 'movement'. If anything, the reverse is more the case, the rest of the matterium should be more concerned with being 'humanized'. No person need ever worry about the 'trans-humanist movement'. It will not get any further in reality than it has so far. Of course, as with all mind time, we can always provide the proof of the thinking.

Life does not stop. It is an expression of the constant flow that never reduces, and is always incrementally growing. We are the bastards that universe was being warned about wearing it down! We humans are going to wear down the trans-humanists! Their big goal is to be a machine!

No wonder they are doomed to be an historical relic within 8/eight years.

Yep, got the idea for this timetalks while doing dishes.


...the blockchain's BIG secret?

i think i may have found a big Time secret in Bitcoin!

The heart of bitcoin is the blockchain that all the banks are orbiting on like some form of drug for money.

The blockchain has captivated FinTech. It grabs them by the balls and shakes them so hard their little minds are riveted by the potential for profit. Which is certainly there, but it comes with an in-built weakness.

Yes, i said it, and now its out there. A weakness that is so hidden, so sneakily tucked away, i wonder if it was not done on purpose.

No, not bitcoin, the weakness is there, well, not exactly, though it contributes greatly to the effect because it is the individual drive in people that makes this exploit possible. What happens is that any nation that has any percentage of its business going through the GlobalPop blockchain is instantly vulnerable to the 'shunning' effect of the blockchain.

Say that India and Pakistan get pissy with each other over Kashmir. War starts. Well, then GlobalPop can vote its will with the blockchain and thereafter, no more input allowed, no blocks from either belligerent would be processed, their miners would be would be chaos....well, ok, so for today, you would not know the blockchain induced chaos from a normal day in either country, but you do get my point.

Once the internet is free, actually belonging to GlobalPop, then blockchain shunning is a real threat. As bitcoin grows against the fading debt based digital currencies (we only call them paper currencies for historical reasons), it will rise rapidly to a position where without the blockchain, your country does not do business, not even in your own region.

What? Under the circumstances of your country being shunned from the GlobalPop blockchain, you would put your bitcoin on your local node? And risk the repercussions when the inevitable 'spoon' occurs? (Ed note: a 'spoon' is the opposite of a fork, where a rogue chain with its own internal ledge history has to be 'spooned' back into the GlobalPop blockchain.) Well, you're very brave. Most would not risk it.

At its heart, the threat is one of time. Sort of real-time extortion if you will. A country shunned could easily maintain their own blockchain, but it would be out of sync, or out of timing step with the rest of the GlobalPop blockchain.

If it tried to re-connect, all its blocks would be treated as 'waste' by GlobalPop blockchain, all due to the loss, even temporarily, of real-time access to the blockchain. And any blocks mined into Bitcoin by its rogue node during the shunning would instantly disappear with reconnect....if allowed...

No government would dare to risk it, eh?

As software continues to eat the world into submission, the blockchain will continue to eat Finance until all the banks are gone. Then there will be no more wars on earth. All because of the existence of a measurable millisecond, which, know it or not, is the heart-beat of the blockchain!

As with everything in universe, it's all a matter of time.

Hmmm....inevitable, soft, invasion by thought alone, very 'goju'...hmmmm...i wonder...naw, no way Satoshi planned it?



August 22, 2016'll be shocked at how much Max Keiser is really worth!

And i have the PROOF!

Yes, i know, rarely do i stray outside of the realm of time and prediction and into personalities, but i like Max. Have ever since i first saw him way back in the day before his recent gig with RT...then he and Stacey started up and it was like watching Burns and Allen in the early years. So i liked Max, then, and even more now, i still do, even once i found out his true worth in this world.

If you like Max Keiser as i do, you'd better prepare yourself for the shock!

Yes, i know, it's a brave new world out there, but it's still scary to find out how much a world class celebrity such as Max Keiser is really worth. He and Stacey travel the world, hob-nob with the celebs and their dogs, and live large in front of our eyes on video, so i was prepared for some shocking numbers, or so i thought at first.

Make sure you're sitting down and there are no hot liquids around you!

Yes, i too have heard the rumors of the hidden bitcoin traunches so vast that millibits fall out of his pocket whenever he takes out his phone, but even so, even with that kind of an image in my head, i was unprepared for what i discovered.

Max Keiser is only worth 73 CENTS!

Yes, that is correct, in the real market for ideas on earth, Google Adwords, the idea of a search for Max Keiser is only worth 73 cents! Proof below from Google's own mouth! Adwords Key word planner! And that is shocking! You would think that Google would get a clue about how humans actually value the people and things that are represented by words!

WARNING: don't go's just too sad to go to Keywords planner to see how much Google values yourself....


Aug 22, 2016

...down the memory hole

Time sucks us all in, from the moment the human enters the body, it is a race to formulate a real relationship with time. Your time.

It's not someone else's time. Not mine. It's yours. We have language that binds our perception of time to emotions so that the time can be drawn back toward reality as the illusion we call memory.

Memory in the matterium (where we are now, able to perceive ourselves as physical beings) is necessarily very illusionary, as well as a varied illusionary ephemeral. The defintions of memory offered are vague and either misleading or incomplete in scope. Of course memory is the system of storage and remembering of information in the mind, which are words that fill the void without substance. What is 'remembering'? Where is memory stored? Why are some memories sharper than others, but none as sharp as the experience that generated it?

Why do we ignore the component of time when we define the words that define our lives? Remembering, re-calling to memory, is all about attempting to build a reconstruction, a 'mock-up' of a previously experienced moment in time.

But why do we do it? Ever think about that? Why do we have memories? Why do we attempt to hang on to memories so desperately that whole industries are devoted to helping us do exactly that in a myriad of forms from photos to plates to ' clouds', and the potential to digitally download memories (so claimed...)? Why are we so possessed by 'memory'?

We are not, as many think, when we try and focus on a memory, attempting to recreate an image in our minds, rather we are actually attempting to locate an emotional experience that is the 'unique id' by which we index our memories in both our personal and the collective memory pool. To recall the emotion, we attempt to rebuild the image in our minds that was associated with the emotion which then pulls back the 're-living' and actual 're-feeling' of the emotional state which then brings back the original image to sharper focus which then also initiates the re-feeling of the emotional state. This is why there are gender differences in how memory is stored and retrieved. Women and men deal have different biologic triggering mechanisms for emotion.

Remembering is a process, and a complex one that works best when the body is healthy, well rested, well fed, and fit. All levels of ill-health, and un-balanced lifestyle affect memory, and this is as it should be. Though memory is not stored in the body, it is reached through the body, acting in the fashion of an antenna. The finer the tuning of your personal antenna, the better the remembering experience here in the matterium.

But this whole thing about memory being at best an attempt to recreate a past moment of time begs the question as well as provides the clue that answers it...what is memory for? As time, once experienced here in the matterium... in this reality, is gone forever? is for when you are NOT in the matterium!

When in doubt, dump it down the memory hole...never can tell, you just may want it later.



Aug 19, 2016

...time traps

Time is your only asset. Think about this for a brief second. You will realize that ROI or 'return on investment' can only, in this material reality, i.e. the matterium around you, be referring to your time.

Quickly examine all your supposed assets. What are they in this material reality? Do they provide compensation for the investment of your only precious commodity in this reality, your time? If not, why not?

Money without time does not exist. Think of it, dying, what do you care for money? Time is all you have, or rather that is how it seems, to your time addled mind desperatly being driven to seek more time from a definitively limited supply.

Give your time addiction a rest. It is not that you need more time. Universe provides exactly, down to the millisecond exactly enough time in your life for what you need to accomplish in it.

The apparent problem of not enough time is really one of not enough perception of your time to avoid feeling it stolen away by the many time traps in your life.

This could be one of them! How would you know? Do you know enough to recognize when you are getting value for your time, or when you are being robbed by habit, and careless attention? Are you getting value now, reading this, being reminded to use your time, not be used by it!

You know the feeling of that, being used by time, worn out, drug out, struggling all day long to just catch up with where you should have been 20 minutes back!

So take it now! Your time! Invest it quickly in yourself before it can be stolen, this precious now! Breathe it deep into your lungs! This moment, YOUR moment!

It cements emotion to seize control of your breath! It clears and invigorates the spleen, AND is one of the very few ties your mind has to the parasympathetic nervous system....and that is where time lives in your body. So breathe deep, tag this moment as yours, bind it to your consciousness, and feel for the 'wa', the harmony that is this 'now' with you in it. Truly YOU own this moment, this NOW! Take it!

Remember, no matter how much the matterium swirls, you can harmonize with the flow, like water from a pitcher joining the stream, no struggle, just flow. As the master says, be water my friend.

Today, just breathe, taking your now from each moment while conscious of the time traps, and feel the marvelous to be alive, in this now, in this



Aug 18, 2016

sprouting time.....

Technology has shifted humanity even while most within it fail to recognize how deeply true that statement is, and how widely applicable also. Technology has shifted humanity away from conditions that had favored a certain biologic form for millennia, so many we are unsure as to the exact number, but many. Now that biologic template dominance is gone. Forever?

The old paradigm was filled with eye-brain-hand-body coordination in real-time in real-space. Now we have a much more specialized set of eye-fingers-brain connection that is being trained to respond to the virtual clues of a virtual body. But of course, always using the real eye. It ‘also very interesting to note that the design of the 'eye of Horus' symbol, one of the very earliest of the 'concretion sets' that represent codified complex thought encapsulated in a single graphic, corresponds to the cross section of the half of the brain where we find the thalamus, the pineal and pituitary. The pineal gland is the “third eye“, the center of spirituality and spiritual vision, and can be developed in a person.

So the eye of Horus could represent the thalamus, as the eyeball with the corpus callosum of the eyebrow and above the medulla oblongata (brain stem), and the hypothalamus. The ancients, including the Egyptians knew that this area of ​​the human brain was the link to knowledge and divine consciousness. Note that the ancients did not describe this area as a repository, nor a center, nor a seat, but rather as a gateway, a conduit, a 'tube of light to intelligence'. They knew where memory, karma, intelligence and wisdom are really located and it is not within the sacks of emulsified oil we call our brains.

These are early days yet of a major transition for humanity. Conclusions drawn about longer term social directions to emerge from this transition to the 'new eyes of a new age' are at best, guesses, for the next few years. The transition itself is still a work in progress. So we can't say where you are heading.

We can note where you are, which is in a very strange place at the moment. We have technology starting to augment reality at the level of personal digital assistants, and smart- houses, cars, and various other devices all the way down to toilets. Of couse we have technology already augmenting reality with millions of minds now controlled on an endless search to level up their catch of virtual monsters.

It's possible we also have technology about to augment reality in a wholely new manner as CERN's LHC gets ready to spit out more electricity into the planet than could ever possibly exist naturally. No, i don't think it will crack the planet like an egg, but they may well hatch something INTO reality. It may only be your eye of Horus cracking out of its calcified shell, and beginning to sprout, seed-like, but that small sprouting would be more altering of reality than a million Planet Xs or the exposure of chemtrails to the sleepers population.

ThePowersThatBe may know that they are creating a risk that something might be popping into our awareness real soon. Maybe they are starting to train people how to react.

Quick, what's that there....near you...


Aug 17, 2016

time of your (previous) life...

Time has it's hooks in you.

Well, rather the 'time' of your previous life has you by the short and gnarlies. Feel drawn to a previous age? Have a strong sense of yourself in some other family in some other century? Ever feel like you were born out of 'your' time?

Of course you are!

This body's life's time, that is. It can get soooo complicated, thinking and talking about time.

Of course you feel like out of time at times when contemplating yourself in time. Almost everyone has some intuition or deep gut feeling of association with another age. Not a big mystery, as in most cases it is due entirely to having lived in that past age. In another life.

We all have other lives. No, not the secret life you are living in this body and it's time, but rather other lives, other bodies, and to our point, other times.

What happens is that all of your memories, experiences, and thoughts are all boiled down to a thick syrupy mass in your metempsychosis period between lives. They get a kind of emotional 'time stamp' that will, in your next incarnation, be an emotional 'draw' towards the good parts of that other body's life. In some cases you will find that people are emotionally captivated by periods of history. Frequently they have only the vaguest and incorrect understanding of the 'why' of their fascination.

What it is, naturally, is that all of the good parts of that previous life, stripped of identity, are acting as an emotional magnet, and what is it that comes through the distillation process of the metempsychosis? No, not memory, and thus likely all claims of 'past life memories' are self-delusion, but rather time. Yes, time is the strongest energy pattern associated with life, any life, all life, and all lives. We all live in time, until we don't then we are out of time, until we pop back into time, one more time. See how that works?

The 'time of our previous life' is at the essence of our intuition in this life, and is likely the most palpable part of that existence to be experienced in this one....a longing for another time. That time.

Now you know why that time calls you so fiercely, so cloyingly, so continuously...because it was your time. Just as the accumulated moments of this body's life's time are destined to be the draw to you in some other time's body. Or is it some other body's time?

The whole thing about previous lives.....who is to say, if the general shape of time is circular, which life is previous to which? eh?

Aug 16, 2016

aspects and attributes...

Time has many aspects. At the level of the pulse that powers the matterium, time has the aspect of the 'ever present now'.

Time also has an aspect as 'local time' with many different attributes and this is where time gets both tricky and sticky. Local time is the time in your senses and body. This is the interaction of your consciousness with the body you use in the matterium. That body being composed of matter, it is necessarily also powered by and continuously connected to the pulse of the matterium. Thus your consciousness is impinged upon by local time received through your body and senses. Thus your perception of time, both in its universal, and local aspects and attributes.

Another attribute of local time is that it grows with the addition of each new point of matter being added to the system of the matterium. As each new atom comes into existence in our ever increasing universe of the matterium, it brings along its own time aspect. So time also continually grows.

It is this one attribute of time that the fellows at CERN think they understand. It is this attribute of the local time aspect that makes people think that time travel is possible. All the academics at CERN, even the old bald farts who ought to know better, think that local time aspect is all-of-time. Oh, also they believe matter to be separate from time (somehow). Thus they think that a bubble of energy can be created around a person's body that will shield them from the effects of time.....ok, that part is sort of true. Such energy bubbles are called 'closed time like loops' and are complex, real, and not what you may think.

To continue, the fellows at CERN, and indeed, most of humanity, think that by encapsulating a person in an energy field that not only can the person be separated from the rest of time, but further, be shifted about in time as though it was a river that one could choose to enter or leave at arbitrary points.

Sorry, but not possible. There is a central theme missing from all of the writings about time travel that totally neglects the necessary and continuous connection to the universal pulse. Any matter of any form that is disconnected from the base universal pulse will cease to exist as matter, never to be recovered. This is a result of the complexity accumulator nature of the pulse which is a subject for another timetalk on another day, along with closed, time-like loops.

Suffice it to say that the LHC at CERN will not deliver what was promised due to a flaw in the premise. i hope the guys who are paying the bills won't be too disappointed. i also hope the fellows running the LHC hit the 'juxtaposition wall' of pulse and local time and blow themselves into dust before they try to 'seam bubbles' which would cause some really freaky times here on earth that would make us all wish it was augmented reality on a smart phone only!

Special for today!~

Aug 14, 2016

The Fed fracs #Milwaukee!

In the now time of USAPop the discord on the streets is the direct result of the squeeze of debt against work that began in 1913 and reached its first 'cracking point' in 1962 when they took the silver out of the coins. Notice that this was coincident with the rise of the 'civil rights' movement into prominence within the memes of the day. Also note that much of the civil rights movement was a direct reaction to the reduction of money flowing through the black middle class segment of USAPop. What had happened, in my opinion, was that the degradation of the dollar from 1913 to 1962 resulted from the parasite of the fractional reserve banking system bleeding off money from the society that had, until that point, fueled the movement of the grandchildren of former slaves into middle class America.

They had to take the silver out of the coins in 1962 due to the Federal Reserve gradual inflation over the decades reducing the purchasing power earned by the citizens of USAPop for their work. Real money was needed to prop up the paper money the Fed kept printing. The Fed had stolen so much from the society by 1962 that the impact of their financial 'engineering' was producing the symptoms of social disruption that we lived through as the 'civil rights movement' of the late 1960s. The removal of the silver from the coins was also a 'symptom' of the theft by slow fraud from our corrupt banking system. Another symptom was the destruction of the black middle class industrial base in our great cities such as Milwaukee. Gone were the jobs, stolen by fractional reserve banking sucking out a hidden 'tax' from every dollar earned by everyone in USA until the dollar was being shrunk even as you held it in your hand! Without the jobs, the prosperity that provided a small buffer against institutional racism was also gone.

Throughout the 1960's the whole of the black middle class, the parents of the friends of my youth, were hollowed out of the 'Great Society' by the continued debasement of the money. They did not stop.

In 1970s the debasement increased, and a 'deal' crafted by elites in the 40s, went bad as Nixon stopped delivery on a promise of gold for dollars to elites outside the USA. By 1972 the cancer of the money had begun to corrode the lower middle class, without regard to race. Tensions began to escalate as levels of competition increased for dwindling resources, and those resources were disappearing even as you held them.

No point in recounting the rest of the history. We all know where we are at today. They never stopped destroying the money with their thievery by way of fraud and now we are the 99% and the .01%.

ALL of today's social unrest and dysfunction was predictable in 1962. That was when they took the silver out of the coins as a continuing part of their plan of fractional reserve banking with paper debt based currency. Yet another 'F' word...fractional reserve banking....

i am of the opinion that the experiment begun in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Banking system has proven what it will always prove...humans need sound money, not debt based paper.

At risk at stating the obvious, we all are living in #Milwaukee!

Hopefully you are aware that we no longer have to continue this frac'd up experiment, there are alternatives now such as #Bitcoin. Be your own central bank. Take control of your destiny. Educate yourself and step outside of their failing system....their results are clearly visible. You haven't told us yet what results you will create...


Aug 14, 2016

sex time....who on earth can resist?...

Some periods in some countries are sexually permissive. Some other periods in that same social order, albeit separated by enough time that most or all of one generation has been replaced by another, are theocracies of one form or another, and are sexually repressive. Some more ancient social orders matched liberal sexual behavior with otherwise tight economic control, but not in this modern time. So far in these last two centuries, sexual liberalism has been associated with loose monetary policy.

Sexual liberalism acts across the totality of the social order (generational) in a similar fashion to the sexual act itself. That is to say, sexual liberalism enters a society via foreplay, sometimes long and slow, sometimes brief and violent, erupting from long suppressed passion. Societies that erupt in burning passion of sexual revolution are usually fading into satiety of generational change in 9/nine years (or slightly less). Consider the classic examples, USAPop , 1920 to 1929. Germany 1927 to 1936.

Here at HPH we track emotional energy being forced out of you by universe pressure on your mind at the psychic level. The leak of psychic laden emotion is most intense when associated with sex. A statement denied by few women. During the embrace of sexual liberalism by a society, psychic phenomena of all forms flourish, as do new social, and scientific explorations. Such an embrace of the wider view of reality continues long after the sexual flush has faded. The entire direction of the social order is placed in flux by the energies released in a sexual liberation wave.

In USAPop and within the $AmericanAnglo empire in the 1960s our largest generation ever went through such a sexual revolution. It changed the planet.

ChinaPop is currently in their eighth year of a sexual revolution. They are not like either USAPop or Germany of last century, though we find analogues to both USAPop economic problems, and the German science explosion. ChinaPop is ChinaPop, and is self defining. i THINK from our work, that ChinaPop has chosen a 'third way'. This appears to be shaping up now.

We will see it emerge soon.

What is perhaps even more interesting is that the other largest social order on the planet is having its own form of foreplay start to show up in our will India follow China into the Third Way Solution over these next 9/nine years? If so, that would be over one quarter of humanity focused, more or less, on a single path! Staggering...but easy to see if 1.2 billion strong ChinaPop is already leading the way, who on earth will be able to resist!?!

Oh, what is the 'third way solution'?

Sorry about that, think...StarTrek, only everyone looks more like Sulu than Kirk!

Rock-on Enterprise, humanity to SPACE!



Aug 13, 2016

time tourists....

Summer is the time of vacations. The weather is good with the sunlight bringing out bright plentiful foods that produce lots of the happy and strong vitamins, D and B. Our bodies respond to the sunlight at a sub cellular level inducing a more soft, even languorous feeling to the quality of 'summer time'. Summer tuns us into tourists. The observant mind will note that some people are what i call 'hungry tourists'. There is a slight edge of desperation to their seeking for the new experience out of their vacation as they greedily take in all that is offered by the locale. You will see them everywhere seeing doing tasting hearing feeling everything.

Other people take the group tour. Funny story. Cathy and i were in Paris in early 1990s. i get up early. She does not. So i wander down to restaurant at hotel early, see a line in front of a coffee pot, and get in it. Still blinking, jet lagged, and quite a bit disoriented as the eyes said it was about 6am, but the bones said go back to bed, butthead! Anyway, moved along with line, got coffee and breakfast. Went and sat at table off in front of the breakfast bar where the service was located. i noticed that the rest of the people in the line, including those who had gotten in behind me were all sitting off at the far end of the room. Now let me tell you that will make a fellow paranoid...first morning in Paris, brain all fogged, and no body sitting in my half of the room. Hmmmm... something was up. But i was feeling too bad to get too much into it so i let it go and drank the coffee while nibbling at the terrible breakfast food. It was awful. Really bad. Could not eat it. And the coffee was foul, thick, and somehow slimy! Yuk! So i said to hell with this, looked for some place to pay, found none, and headed back up to the room to get some more sleep all the while thinking that if that was the complementary breakfast at this hotel, i needed to find a place to purchase real food, and fast.

Later that morning, i came down to have an absolutely marvelous breakfast, fresh food, great smell, excellently prepared, with staggeringly good coffee that i could smell from across the hotel and up 5 stories as i was getting into the elevator.

Cathy and i, had, as i said, an incredible -yes-you-really-are-in-Paris- good breakfast, and sipping some of the best damn coffee i have ever had...that is when i saw them, my earlier breakfast companions, the whole bunch of them....they were all shoving their luggage slowly forward as they struggled to get it and themselves onto a tour bus! It dawned on me! i had stumbled into a package vacation group in the wee early hours! No wonder there was no one asking for payment! It was because it was prepaid, part of the tour!

Ah-HA! i said, and proceeded to tell Cathy about the first breakfast of the day! We decided that what had been offered to me as sustenance those many hours earlier was 'grupen-food', which falls into the category of 'cheap food is its own punishment'. My experience made us very grateful to not be traveling as part of a tour group, though, of course, we saw that group twice more in our time and travels across Europe that summer.

In a very real sense, we are all time tourists. We arrive in the matterium to reside in a body prepared for us very much like a personal time-cruiseship, or mobile-hotel room. We stay 'in time' as long as our 'pass', the body, lasts. So the 'time tourist season' has a definite limit, as with most vacations.

It is because of the expiration limit on our sojourn as time tourists that we have the potential for such a richness of experience as vacationers. Think of this, your ticket on this time ride is finite, but the good news is that you are on an individual you don't have to choose the grupen-food.



Aug 12, 2016


Any number of things distort time. This is in spite of what i had said in an earlier timetalks about time being universally aggregated into the ever-present-now which of course implies that time is also immutable. There is not a contradiction in these two statements.

Humans know of a number of things that will distort time. These include meditation, drugs, and pain. Yes, pain, either constant, or severe, can distort time. The humans say that it 'gives the appearance of distorting time', or that 'it alters the perception of time'.

In all cases involving time, perception and time itself are inseparable. Which is why if one alters their mental connection to time, time itself is altered. Actually altered.

We have the forms of time distortion caused by such drugs as the psychedelics, which in some instances produce effects similiar to extreme pain in that time seems to be lived on an alternate plane of reality. We also have the forms of perception change due to toxins, including alcohol in which time is seemingly erased from our memories, and is it the memories being altered by the alcohol? The ability to uptake the memories? Or the ability to properly 'store and catalog' them mentally due to their 'timestamp' not being correct?

We also have the forms of 'positive' or willful time distortion that some persons can experience on the mat....which is to say, during times of extreme positive, but physically and mentally challenging stress. This has been noted so long in the martial arts that aphorisms have developed to express it. One is particularly appropriate. It states that the novice martial artist moves from their extremities, and thus is slow. The adept has learned to move from their torso and by comparison is very fast. However even the adept is slow compared to the master (of the art) who has learned to move from mind.

To leave you with a bit of mental woo-woo, there is a state beyond mastery for martial artists (and likely all arts) where one passes through mastery and leaves even the mind and its speed behind. Such individuals as attain this state are said to be able to move 'faster than intent' which forms before the fog of the now has cleared from even the fastest mind. There is no name for this state of being as those who occupy it have long since left names behind.

Aug 11, 2016

time IS the asset....

It is not about working smart, it is about working hard!

Sorry, the reverse is useful, but not THE core of what time is really all about.

Sure, working smart beats working stupid any day, but what really matters is the 'working' part of that statement and even working stupid will go a long way in this twisted part of universe...look at politicians and actors....two human types not usually known for smarts.

With so much of life being dependent on merely showing up, it should not be surprising that the people that actually grok the idea of 'work' get ahead. Work good, work evil, it does not matter, either way will get the response from universe as long as there is hard behind the work. Effort. Why?

Effort involves time. Effort is used by universe to connect you to yourself expressing change. Universe likes change quite a bit and seemingly wants to encourage it in the humans.

What is change? Effort expressed over time. C = E * T.

How does one get change? By working for it.

What is work? Persistent effort expressed over time.

Humans are universe's change agents. Universe rewards change. Universe likes work. Prove it by investing some work and time in yourself and watch the rewards come in. May even become a habit.


Aug 10, 2016

timing...or how i learned to stop fearing Koffing!

Humans just can't leave well enough alone. Thus slang, which is the bleeding edge of language where are introduced all the memes with which we must contend in the immediate future. i can say definitively that slang preceeds the demands of the immediate tomorrow as i have followed the progression of words through into mainstream use as a necessary part of my future forecasting work.

Slang does not reflect the conditions of this moment for most you reading this. Slang is the moment for the jungen amongst us desperate to express emotions that the Others, usually older and frequently their parents, just are unable to grasp.

It was not always thus. In the history of languages of the western world, slang has longer been the country of the brigand, and their fellow outlaws, the revolutionary, than that of teenaged angst. In most of western human history, new language was laboriously introduced into the social order from the top down. It was the 'control knowledge, control the mob' idea put into practice at a very basic level. Excepting those periods where episodes of rebellion took hold, usually following episodes of terrible management of the local economy by those same top-down elites. During the periods of economic mis-management, and the subsequent rebellion of the starving peasants, slang dominated and filled language. Usually as a not so subtle form of either derision of the ruling classes, or hiding of forbidden talk in 'new speak'. Revolutions are good time for linguists and historians.

In this now, today, the world is much more complex, the peasants and elites are much more complex and self defining. Language has now, is continuing to change beyond the mere addition of new words via means of invention by humans. Slang is now filtering into the mainstream from all manner of inputs and confluences that in many instances will resolve down to code.

Yes, computer code is now part of language that humans speak. So just as i learn to fear transhumanism, and becoming one of the Borg, i realize it has already happened at a core level...our minds by way of our language have been robotized, meme-orized, memorized, digitized, and now, AR lobotomized.

Incredible how much has changed for humanity in so few centuries! But one thing is still true across all of human history, language IS mind control, if you don't have a word for it, you can't think about it. And those who control the introduction of new words, are those who are leading the social order, like it or not...

eh, Mewtwo?


Aug 9, 2016

time blame....

The majority of people in prison, do not show the degree of aging effects that they would have, had they lived and experienced their incarcerated years on the 'outside'. This has been demonstrated with twins over a large study, though this was not on the agenda of the study, and is my own conclusion from evidence presented by the study. Others also observe this effect on prison populations of all species, including primates and the effect is noted in literature occasionally.

The speculation is that the 'wear and tear' of aging derives, at least partially, from experience, which is to say, from the actual daily encounters with 'newness'. i base this conclusion on the similar 'lack of aging' that is reported of persons in near-prison like conditions such as monasteries. Some similar effects are also present in people who have spent time on board submarines.

It seems that time alone is not responsible for the appearance of aging, though of course the actual passing of the time is entirely time's fault....or is it? Is time responsible for time passing? Or are you actually participating in tempus fugiting away so fast?

To anyone who has ever meditated, or gone to the 'other side' via any of the psychotropic avenues available, the question is not so easily answered. We know that the human experience of time, the feeling of it, the constant appreciation of it, the apprehension of it running out, the anticipation of it being good times, the dread of it going into bad times, are all part of the matrix that is time, which is not material, and yet is critical, controls our lives, is not visible, has no smell, has not taste, and is silent, yet somehow we sense every second of it slipping away from us through the thin neck of the hourglass of our lives.

You can't hold time, or avoid time, but, apparently, when doing time, you don't have to show it, though note, they are merely delaying the effect of time, and many ex-prisoners report how shocked they are on getting out as to how old their former friends look, and then later, their shock turns to how rapidly they start showing the effects of their 'out time'.

So we curse time for its passing, and frequently for the marks such passing leaves on our bodies, but is it time's fault if we not only participate, but actually propel time along with our lust for experience?

i asked time that question, who's fault is it that tempus does fugit...

time is blaming you.


Aug 8, 2016

2% solution...

Well, really it is something closer to 1.45% constant. The solution part is from universe. For its purposes, 2% or less is a constant and universe uses this for its own ends which are not discernible from within humanity. However what is visible is that 1.45% is something of a threshold for humanity.

Probably this is linked to our being in the bodies of predators. You see, large herd animals are our most effective prey as primitive humans-hunters, and it seems that when 1.4% or thereabouts of a herd of any size gets 'the wind up', the whole herd reacts. So it makes sense that humans would have mental patterns that reflect our biologic reality evolutionary path.

Thus what we call the 2% solution here at HPH. It is, within the world of humans, a constant trigger for universe response. No more than 1.45% of the population usually would suffer from any given hereditary disease. This is true of both body and mind diseases.

The 2% rule has a corollary, which is that once any given 'condition' exceeds the 2% of the population under discussion, balance has been lost and universe will be working to restore homeostasis. We see this 2% as a 'barrier' in such things as micro-biology, disease states, genetic conditions, even the gradient of slopes (that humans can effectively travel with their machines).

Once more than 2% of almost any population in universe gets a 'disease state', then an epidemic results. Once more than 2% of a population has a genetic expression for a disease condition, that genetic expression within the population is brought down to less than 1.45% by universe, usually by way of a flare-up episode causing the death of the carriers of the genes. It is so much a constant in universe that 2% is the genetic variation level allowed within many insect populations before they 'spontaneously' erupt into inter-species violence that results in the 'deviant gene' being removed from the larger population.

One of the larger problems currently besetting humanity is that the 2% threshold has been breached in a number of areas. One of the main thorns in humanity's foot and thus delaying its progress, is the genetic distortions of the the Islamic part of human-world where, due to Mohammed promoting marriage between first cousins which has been ongoing for over 56 generations now, the 2% line has been crossed with the expected in-breeding results from this policy now pressuring humanity on many different levels.

Another primary one is the distortion caused in human males by the circumcision cult. More than 2% of all adult males will not 'mature' properly as they are lacking several million vital sensor cells that are directly linked to brain development. This lack of these brain connections affects brain development.

Humans crossed the 2% threshold, now universe is responding. Results will be as universe dictates via the biologic historical record. It will be a very ugly time in human history indeed.


Aug 5, 2016

time tells....

Ever had your ring finger itch excessively for no apparent reason whatsoever? What about your palms? Or the soles of your feet? And how about persistent small muscle twitches? Or hearing high pitched or low sounds that seemingly have no cause outside your ears?

Well, these are what we call 'time tells' here at HPH.

These and many more body, body process, and near body experiences have been collected and categorized over the centuries and stored in our linguistic herigage as aphorisms that encapsulate and help our minds make sense of the constant time tells with which universe covers us constantly.

You see, universe favors humans. We would not have made it this far without that inherent positive bias on the part of universe. No, not merely because when we do things in large groups we have a tendency to fuck them up, but also because, time, matterium, and universe are really complex places. So universe gives us constant little 'hey, watch out there....sheit happening' just to help us out. Kind of like how we put majic spells and such in our video games. As without, so within...

Universe does favor us, and that is why it provides the incredibly rich set of 'time tells' that it does....can't have its' favorite species going out-and-about in universe unaided...lots of scary stuff out there. So it gives us the time tells ahead of time and usually just within time that we need to stay aware within the moment. You know, that strange feeling in your back that always seems to happen just a few milliseconds before your mom calls you... or knowing a call is coming in milliseconds before the ringtone starts because you sort of 'feel it' happening somewhere in your body first.

These and thousands of other body twitches and itches form a vast network of psychic time tells that provide our Just In Time clues about developing reality Just In Time for our use of such knowledge. Usually through very small but perceptible (that is the point) time tickles on our body.

Ever had a persistent itch with no apparent reason? Hmmm.....


Aug 4, 2016

as the humans say...

We live in a world that is self-regulating. It seeks to maintain homeostasis against the constant of change in universe. Our world is blasted continously with new inputs, matter and energy, from the universe around which it must reestablish balance.

The continuous self-regulation is a theme of universe that we see at all levels from the atomic to the galactic. The meme 'scales both ways' as the humans say.

Balance is what universe and our world do.

The problem is that human minds are mostly not balanced. We do strange ass shit and think we understand just what and why we are doing things. We are wrong on all counts. The collective human mind as it is currently constituted has demonstrated itself to be out of balance. Its controlling entities are batshit crazy and the body-politic has yet to flip its self regulation genes to purge the abnormal and to move back towards balance. It's just how the humans have been these last few centuries after control had been seized by the abherrent genes of the 'royals'.

The world of humans has reached extremes. No need to enumerate the many examples of the extremity running amok across the earth of the humans as we are all living sensors and are well aware of how 'taut' the strains are these days. Suffice it to say, this time feels like an extreme of extremes. aware, balance is what our universe seeks, and since we are so far out of balance in the world of humans, we can be assured that the bounce back toward the center will both overshoot, and be very expressive of the long centuries of violence it took to get us all these centuries and this far out of centered. Universe and its karma are a very complicated form of 'balance machine' and as the humans say...."what goes around, comes around", and "payback is a bitch".....i am very content to NOT be among the royal genes these days...


Aug 3, 2016


...about CERN and their let's examine the idea of it all... the biggest 'science experiment' the world has ever seen.The biggest machine humans have ever built. It is so big it spans whole countries, underground. The most complicated machine humans have ever built. More copper wiring than some countries have for electrical grids. It uses more electricity in a single 'firing' than all the previous use by humanity up to 1958. They are trying to increase its electrical potentials.

Then there is all the strange and spooky conspiracy sheit around all the imagery, but that distracts from the central idea problem with the LHC. Humans, even the bizarro elites, are never ever in any point in history been so 'generous' with academics. Look to reality and any school you have ever been at...did you see them dripping in brand new giant wild ass science experiments? In fact, isn't the 'underfunded research program' so part of our culture that it is cliche? And aren't they constantly seeking your money for such things as 'the war on cancer', and other forms of the collective good being supported by donations.

Then there is CERN, and their LHC....which i don't think IS involved in smashing particles together. Reality, in my experience, does not work in such a way that academics would ever get this level of planet affecting money for an 'experiment'. In the world of the elites which is where all funding starts, there is no charity, only return on investment.

So what are the elites getting for their investment in the LHC?


Aug 2, 2016

universally aggregated, locally variable...

time and space are both created in the matterium at the same instant for the nexus under observation. As the pulse crosses itself repeatedly until the matter barrier is broken, both time and space are created as is the new matter coming into existence.

Time and Space, though both linked inseparably to the matter they 'enclose', and though both created from the very same impulse of the pulse crossing itself that final time before the nexus materializes, do not behave the same once over 'here' in the matterium.

Space is locally aggregated, and universally variable, in this is meant that space local to the observer is more or less the 'same' in its perception and feel. But that local 'feeling' of space and how it behaves is not guaranteed across the matterium (aka 'observable universe'). In fact, scientists here on earth think that they are able to identify areas of the matterium where space is not the same as around here by virtue of how they think they understand light moving through Space. So they know that our local space is more or less the same for us, but that distant Space may have its local space behave quite a bit differently from ours....think black holes, and such, they affect their region of space, but not all of Space.

Time is just the opposite. It is universally aggregated, but locally variable. That is to say, time as it is created, 'smooshes' into the ALL TIME that is within universe in a manner that we humans think of as 'fluid' as though a drop of water merging with an ocean. It is not thus, but the analogy suffices for this thought. As our 'new time' joins the 'ocean of time', it merges so completely as to enlarge the ocean of time, just as new space being created enlarges all of the matterium. However, Time, while part of the ever-present-now that binds all of observable universe, and thus is universally aggregated, is entirely locally variable. Proof is you and anyone else. Put the two of you in the exact same local time and your experience of it will be entirely different.

But you say, it is the observer feeling the quality of the time that is different, not the time itself.

Oh? Prove it...and while you are at it, prove that time/Time does not get most of its qualities from being experienced.

When considered from this angle, humans would be hard pressed to prove to an outside observer that we are not merely mirrors reflecting back the infinite qualities of Time to itself.


Aug 1, 2016

time theme carriers...

the pulse lives within you. The body you inhabit reflects the continous beat of the ever-present-now.

DNA is the strategy used by universe to carry themes across time. As you live this body's life in this ever-present-now, your dna is constantly being affected by the increasing complexity of this time in universe. Not merely from degradation in our more polluted environment of chemicals, radiations, electromagnetic radiation, chemtrails, teevee, and smart-phone rads....but also your dna is being affected by the tactic that universe uses just for that purpose...genes.

Universe is a reality game in which your cells are the reactive bits to the various prizes and bombs that universe puts out to trigger its desired response in our bodies. We who are both aware and are affected by this desired response call it 'epigentics'. It is how universe carries themes across time, both within a generation, and between generations. It is well known now that scientific evidence supports epigentic responses being activated within the human body that are both nearly instantly effective, and of very long term duration. And now scientists are actually starting to admit that they don't have a freaking clue as to how many potential ways universe has to trigger epigentic responses in your body. Nor even worse, how extensive epigenetics responses range.

So now, when, in the quiet hours of the day when the minutia of the day has fallen away consider this, your body's state constrains your behavior, feelings, thoughts, and potential actions. Your body's state of being at any given second is directly influenced if not controlled by its current epigentic activity. It is also pretty certain the bad guys are trying right this instant to use your epigenetic response to their evil advantage via chemtrails, wifi, other electromagnetic stuff we don't even know about have a good sleep, and if you wake a slightly different color than you remember you used to be....well?!



July 31, 2016

fish out of time....

As each new particle of matter pops into existence here in the matterium, it brings along its allocated part of time. As each new time appears, it merges into the collective time available within the matterium and thus the ever-present-now is constantly being refreshed. This process is constantly continuous producing the contiguous time that humans experience.

Time is not as the academics understand. The proffered officialdom view of time is nearly completely wrong in all of its aspects. In fact, in most of mainstream 'science', time as a factor is totally ignored. Note that the E=MC2 equation has no variable for time as component, yet without time the rest of the equation is meaningless! Even worse, the equation prompts for the search for the 'unified field theory' which is all about the impacts of things on time (at its core) yet time as an active, and understood component is no where to be found in these theories! Is it because humans live in the invisble ever-present-now that we fail to see time as it is?

Then there is CERN and its LHC....again, something all about time, without ever mentioning it anywhere...and doomed to fail. The largest expenditure of money and human resources on the planet ever (as far as we know) for a science experiment, and it is doomed from the start to fail by the very nature of the minds that conceived it, and their inability to grasp that their concept of time may be incorrect.

So, as with all ill conceived science experiments, we can expect some really bizarre results to manifest as the 'time travel community' tries to do just that....shove matter through time without really understanding either. Kind of like carp mad scientists in a carp world trying to break through their surrounding water barrier with a water h-bomb when the rest of the carp population is thinking....we live in a water world, they are going to use a water h-bomb to explode the water barrier over our how is this going to work out? Hmmmm.....

July 30, 2016

hacking time travel...

celebrity time travelers..

You will find many sources of comparisons photo's of celebrities which are touted as proving time least that is what the headlines of the articles would have you think. In reality, these instances cited are all going to the idea of reincarnation in a similar looking body, which is exactly how it does work. So the idea of any celebrity being seen as having existed before is to be expected.

Why expected? Well, these personalities that make these individuals as celebrities today, are the same internal beings as in those pictured from the far past. That the personalities inhabiting similar bodies today would be highly photographed is a good indicator that their previous incarnation would also be prompted to the same 'exposure' (bad pun intended) to the emergence of photography in that previous life. Make sense? The resonance of the celebrity personality today is the same in the previous incarnation and thus the lives lived, would tend to express similar themes. So the celebrities of this life, due to those personality traits they express (in the main...yes some are buttheads so to understand read the game of loss and lack ) were very likely to gravitate to being photographed as soon as it was developed...and prior to that, likely had their portraits painted. This whole 'face across time' meme has layers upon layers.

One of which is left for your consideration this day, suppose we had a real time-traveler, no, not a person darting in and out of time during a single life which is energetically impossible, but rather, someone who was aware of how the matterium works, knew they were on a journey across time, and actively sought, for their own reasons, to leave a 'picture trail' for their future incarnations! Much more evidence exists for this form of time travel than the kind practiced by Doctor Who.

July 29, 2016

dab'dat, bitches!

Language changes constantly...and we can tell that you are participating! Oh, we know it is not your fault, it's just how emotions work...they drive language. Hard. And slang is the output.

Slang is where language bleeds and words die. Slang has a pull-date...a don't use after this date that is firmly attached. Slang by its nature either makes it into mainstream, or dies trying. Most slang words don't last more than mere weeks. Just following the appearance and lifespan of slang at the aggregate level evokes memories of biological ecology studies. like observing some strange lifeform in a petri dish...language is alive and slang is its birthing point. After all, slang in humans is an expression of life, a very deep one, so powerful that none of the words they know will adequately express this feeling, thus of course, a new word is needed!

Slang occupies a vastly disproportionate amount of our personal mental 'word space' in our minds. Which brings up the 'why' question...that nasty annoying little word constantly poking at contentment, providing life with both motivation and irritation....why? Why do we constantly invent language and why the slang process to do it? Why is it generational? And why is it locked in to cohort temporal marker frameworks? Why does slang, both 'successful' and not, have a definitive use (or life) path without regard to culture or the underlying language or alphabet? Oh, so many whys that the mind rebels, and thus seeks solace in the cloaking activities of work.

As far as the work goes though, slang is tres makes our form of future forensic linguistic detective work a whole lot easier as where slang is we know that language bleeds, and the mind leads..


July 28, 2016

quants and quals...

In the predictive linguistic business, everything runs on emotion. Yes, we halfpasthumans do, as obviously we are emotionally captivated by our curiosity about time, but what i really wanted to discuss was how our future hunting predictive engine works on emotion.

No, not its own, but rather yours, and all of the billions of other humans busily filling the net with their texts and holding emotion like a sieve holds water.

Specifically my emotive reduction engine sucks in those emotional leaks from your words and then does what software does best, it slices and dices data. From the resulting shredding and aggregation, we guess at the future...which is kind of cool when we are correct.

But another cool part, mostly overlooked is our quals and quants. The quals are the 'qualifiers' that reduce the emotion type down to a numeric value, while the quants are the quantifiers that produce the relative range value for that emotion. Make sense?

It is both the type of the emotion, and intensity (simply one of the many quantifiers) that we often overlook when hunting future occurrences. These quals and quants are useful on their own as metrics to plot various objects of human fascination...sort of a trend analysis for 'things' on which humans place attachment.

So how is BTC trending this morning? It is currently at 78.77 on the qualifiers which places it between Silver and Gold, and it continues to rise slowly toward the emotional qual for gold (currently at 265.4), as it had just left its encounter with silver (currently at 76.44). On its summed daily emotional tone (its intensity quantifier) BTC is just at 3.3 and rising slowly. The 'motivating threshold' value is 3.6, after that BTC will begin moving up again. Probably late today, or early tomorrow given its current rate of rise.


All of life is powered by emotion. Marketeers know this, Emotion motivates even when there are no physical signs of life from the couch vegetable under observation. Even with such a dusty lump a good marketeer can tweak an emotion, and a sale will result. Or so goes the theory...

If marketeers know emotion produces sales, what causes them to get derailed into SEO? Why get bogged down seeking to be the #1 on Google which only produces 1.8% CTR at best? And that is dropping faster than the declining overall economic activity nationally! Yet vast sums are spent seeking it?

It would seem that while the marketeers, at least some of them, recognize that emotion motivates and no sale occurs without it, they can't read the emotions of their potential sales clients across the screen or keyboard. It is truthfully said that more communication between humans happens without words than with least face to face. Lacking the face-time element of the sales feedback loop, the modern marketeer is left with SEO, and analytics as their best hope for ANY sense of the emotional life of their prospective clients.

But don't blame your IT guys. Programming to extract emotion via software is both complicated and complex, I know... I had to invent a whole new paradigm to succeed. It was difficult and demanding work that could only have been produced because I got sucked-in by an emotion so powerful that it motivated me to explore further than I could ever have imagined.

Watch out it does not get you too....we who suffer call it 'curiosity'!

July 27, 2016

In fuzzy set theory there is a difference, well, maybe...

We all live and die in sets, well, not really, we are but individual motes who's minds desperately collect information in vast quantities, seemingly for the express purpose of then dividing it up into ever smaller segments. Much of the marketing world and all economists are consumed with this globe altering labor.

We are all in sets, though your inclusion in a set may be called participation in a cohort, team, group, stakeholders, party, agency, department, nation, planet, species, genus....and you get the idea. It goes on and on and on. Just look at your own life and the people around you as they and all of universe are constantly pushing you into one set or the other.

There is power in sets. That is why they do it, even if they are unable or unwilling to express their motivation to you, they're doing it for the power. Put a man in a set, and you, in your own mind, control him for life. Or at least so think the governments, and marketeers of the planet. Are they wrong?

There is power in sets, especially for future seeking, radical linguists and others chewing on the matterium for intellectual nourishment. Within the power of set theory, there is the specialized thinking found in fuzzy sets. Master this, and you will never wonder what is that shadow-casting oddness lurking under the internet's couch? You'll know without looking, it is a collection/bag/bin of universe randomized digital-dust and thought-hairs gathered by your mind into a marketing opportunity. The problem is, it is all so fuzzy and un-crisp! This does not set well with the digitally tainted mind...

July 26, 2016 10:46am pacific coast time

Where were you on 9/11?...temporal markers

Temporal markers, that is to say, key events burned into our consciousness so well as to have easy and instant recall seem to be a part of the human condition. Everyone has them, both the personal, and the collective variety. We frequently tag our memories with them. Usually for easy sorting and retrieval. Many theories of both human biology and psychology have temporal markers so powerfully a part of our lives that they will induce body or mind changes. A very small sub class of temporal markers would include the incidents that leave the residue we call PSTD (post stress traumatic disorder). Fortunately for humans, not all temporal markers are negative, though we have to acknowledge that it is the burst of emotional energy that is associated with both a time and an event series that creates the temporal marker epigenetically and thus humans are more prone to experience negatively associated markers than positive ones. Need that be the case? One wonders...can we induce personal temporal markers by deliberate expenditure of emotional energy? Perhaps, but, as with all things in matterium, timing will be the key.