to serve....


war is here.

It is revealing itself by the day.

This war is larger than mere [alien wars]. Nations as a reality and a concept are so small as to not even enter into the lexicon of this war.

The complexities of alliances in this war make any comparisons with any history without meaning. Species level alignments will not hold.

For humans, this war will define the concept hereafter.

This war is so encompassing that it's temporal pre-echoes formed the basis of all human religions, and they are all, each and in total, but mere shadow play of the looming manifestation.

war is here.

It pulls the energy of the heart-strings; tugging each toward its native harmonic, inculcating discordance in individual resonance as we strive toward cohesion, personal and collective.

This war is necessary. Dynamic energies may not be bound rigid long. Universe provides for the potential for balance through the release of chaos.

The complexities of this war will be lost on all victims, humans and others.

Such is karma at all times...just slightly more exposed in these higher vibrations.

war is here.

It is revealing itself daily.

In ancient times, those humans (and others?) forged to the task by universe, who both recognized and accepted their nature,


and were given as their collective identity,

the words of the burden they had lifted.

Now we are here once more,

a choice to be made by those few not blinded by karma.

Do you feel it old souls?

The earth calls you again,

time to serve,

and die.

eh, samurai?




posted may 28, 2012