COVID19 & other thinks proven accurate.

COVID19, BatStew, Risks, & Reason

Thinks proven accurate.

The life of the self educated, thinking individual is basically hell. At least these days of the 'educated masses'. Now note that it is really the 'schooled masses' who provide all the prompts and responses from universe that can be so irritatingly stupid and slavishly worshipful of 'conformity of thought', that, in my experience of life, has NEVER been correct. It is the conformity of thought over accuracy of conclusions that is most irritating to the self educated mind.

i was correct about SARS-COV2 being an engineered bioweapon, as opposed to a natural virus being discovered and placed into service unchanged. Far too many citations to this effect now, and the 'engineered' language is now moving more into the political language of 'bioweapon' as Year Zero progresses into its second, and more stressful, half.

i was correct about COVID19 having a devasting impact on global military organizations as would be typified by the spread of the disease into submarines.

i was correct about SARS-COV2 being weak against people with optimal vitamin levels, especially C & D.

i was correct about the 'data' being used in so many examples of (ADM) Agenda Driven Medicine as having been created as a fiction to support a narrative.

i have also been correct in projections of the impacts of the SARS-COV2 virus on humanity in terms of spread & devastation. It is with some confidence that i can state that i am most likely correct that the additional social and economic damaged caused by government response including Lies & Lockdowns, is specifically agenda driven by and for the benefit of what we term the 'global elites'. However, even the understanding of the situation within the power elites is seriously flawed. It is my conclusion that the elite tiers of humanity are being played, just as they play with the rest of us. It is my conclusion that this will become evident in actions among the power elite over these next two years.

i have been correct about a number of contrary views over the years, including such as my Little Bloop Theory of Continuous Creation & Destruction. While the cosmologists & physicists of academia (recall they are 'schooled' so can only think in very narrow limits and quite slowly) do not yet accept my theory, they are now coming to realize that the Big Bang is never happened and likely was a deliberate false trail, much as the idea that E = MC2.

It is this rich history of my wild thinking and conclusions being repeatedly proven correct over the course of these last five decades that provides me with firmness of resolve that i will also likely be proven correct in my current conclusions about the nature of reality (Aether), the progress of climate (Ice Age emerging now), and the upcoming events of the near term future among many others, too boring of the reader to enumerate. The aware observers will note over these next few years the accuracy of the event descriptions if not the timing within the ALTA report series. We will see more of the forecast political & planetary changes as we push further into this decade.

My new work, now that the COVID (government response) crisis is moving onto the next level, continues within the investigation into Boscovich's work and the actual nature of the Aether (dielectric & magnetism) with a view towards developing technologies to expoit this understanding, i.e. your basic anti-gravity RV & fishing platform. Stay tuned. More correct thinking to be emerging....

Fuck the gongfei (communist bandits) !


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